Mosquito Shield is Again Buzzing in Michigan as New Owners Come Back for Additional Territory

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Nov 18, 2022 12:26:00 PM

Mosquito Shield’s pattern of consistent growth continues in 2022 with another territory sold, time in the Ann Arbor, MI market. Through its proprietary products and enhanced service schedule designed to better control mosquito populations, Mosquito Shield has positioned itself to be the premier choice for homeowners who want to enjoy their outdoor living spaces. Congratulations to Brandon and Yanika B. on recognizing the opportunity and purchasing a second territory!

Brandon and Yanika were both born and raised in eastern Michigan. They are now raising their own family here. They are outdoorsy people who love to spend time on the water, either at the lake or at the beach with their two daughters Yara and Ava. They are huge sports fans with basketball, football and tennis being their favorite. moshield-Baugh_ Brandon

Brandon has his BS in biology from the University of Michigan and is currently employed by Fingerpaint Marketing Group as a Directory of Market Access where he helps pharmaceutical companies bring new drugs to market. Yanika has her BS in agriculture economics from Michigan State and had previously owned and operated an automotive hauling company, so she is no stranger to business ownership. Needless to say, fall football Saturdays are always eventful – they are a house divided, unless one of them is playing Ohio state they say!!

From the outside, they were not initially attracted to the idea of a pest control business. “This was not the business we dreamed of owning. However, that being said, there were some key factors that captured our attention from the initial introduction to Mosquito Shield,” said Brandon. They were struck by the industry leading moshield-Baugh_ Yanikaretention rate on the customer side. To them, this was a key indicator that the service was legit and worked without gimmicks. When they dove into the wealth of effective marketing materials and the fact that the sales center was being managed at the corporate level, they quickly put Mosquito Shield at the top of their prospecting list.

They were impressed by the simplicity of the model and the direct relationship between effort/time spent and ROI. “From all accounts you get out what you put in. Coming from an industry where you work a lot for a small margin, this made Mosquito Shield very attractive” stated Yanika.

Finally, Brandon and Yanika expressed “we like the seasonality of the business. We still have young children, so we appreciate that this business allows us to work hard for a few months out of the year and have a few months to relax and devote completely to the kids”. Mosquito Shield is a Lifestyle Brand and they have recognized this. Best wishes as you expand your business.

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