Zoom Drain Adds New Franchisee in Texas

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Nov 22, 2022 11:09:00 AM

Raymond L. is a Texas native, born in Corpus Christi. Raymond and his family have spent time living in Tulsa, OK and Columbus, OH before moving back to Texas six years ago and ultimately residing in the northern Houston market. Raymond’s tight-knit family has been a huge motivator for him throughout his life. His wife, Dianne, has been a big supporter of Raymond as he advanced in his career, working full time, going to college and raising a family. Raymond and Dianne are proud parents/grandparents of three children and 2 grandchildren. Raymond has climbed the ranks of Corporate America, currently as a warehouse and distribution manager for a medical device company. Raymond has always wanted to run his own business and build a legacy for his family. He has years of experience managing teams and is looking forward to leading a team of his own. zoomdrain- Raymond Ledesma

“From a professional point of view, I believe in servant leadership, and I value the shop floor employees because I wouldn't be as successful as I am today without their ideas, engagement, and willingness to exceed expectations. Therefore, I do what I can to make myself available to them and to listen to their needs.” – Raymond L.

Raymond is excited about this opportunity because it gives him a chance to be a part of a growing franchise. We share the same excitement, Raymond! We are thrilled to have you on board and can’t wait for your launch.

For 25+ years, Zoom Drain has optimized customer service by providing expert drain services with our mantra of, “Fast, Focused and Fixed.” We provide an essential, recession-proof, emergency service that has minimal competition and no seasonality. Zoom Drain’s top priority is providing the best support systems and resources for our franchisees. We have wide open availability of prime territories across the US!


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