Mosquito Shield is Set to Create a Buzz in Dayton Ohio

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Oct 25, 2022 12:33:00 PM

Shawn and Kimberly B. have recently become the owners of the Dayton OH market and will begin preparations to offer their services to homeowners in the spring of 2023. Through its proprietary products and enhanced service schedule designed to better control mosquito populations, Mosquito Shield has positioned itself to be the premier choice for homeowners who want to enjoy their outdoor living spaces.

Shawn is no stranger to business ownership – he is an entrepreneur at heart and has been a franchisee with another home service brand for over 20 years. In addition, he manages several rental properties. Shawn was looking for an opportunity that would complement his existing business and would afford him an additional revenue stream. He also has his sights set on purchasing additional land and being able to spend his winters in warmer climates and he quickly realized that the seasonality of the Mosquito Shield business plan would afford him the “lifestyle” he was after. moshield-shawn-bone

Kimberly has a long career with the post office and together they have three children and one granddaughter. She is the apple of their eye, and they spend much of their time with her. Camping and boating are favorite family pastimes for the Bone family, and they have a boat in Tennessee that has been the location of many special memories.

Shawn and Kimberly have purchased the entire Dayton market. His significant background in franchising and the accolades he has achieved will pave the way for working with Mosquito Shield’s in-house marketing team to quickly build brand recognition in their area.

Shawn stated he was originally attracted to the brand because “Mosquitos have long been an issue that affected our family and friends and our ability to utilize our yards like we wanted. When we found out that Mosquito Shield had been around for over 20 years and that they really pioneered the mosquito control industry, we wanted to learn more.” Shawn notes they were quick to realize Mosquito Shield had a significant customer retention rate and that they were really at the top of their game when it came to the process of controlling mosquitos and ticks. Shawn recognized the process consisted of seasonal programs that ultimately meant customers’ homes were sprayed more frequently, with a proprietary product, and that simply meant better results!

They wanted a system that provided support and collaboration through both the leadership team and existing franchises. They knew this was were going to be very valuable to them as business owners and will help them to scale the business quickly. They will be opening their doors to service Dayton in the new year, and we are proud to welcome them to the family.

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