East Cincinnati, OH will be Buzzing this Spring as we Welcome our Newest Franchisee

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Dec 29, 2022 12:09:00 PM

Mosquito Shield will be the biggest BUZZ word in Cincinnati this year, with the addition of our newest franchisees – Craig & Kristen. Through its state-of-the-art solution to mosquito issues nationwide, Mosquito Shield has positioned itself to be the premier choice for homeowners who have invested in their outdoor living spaces, and we are thrilled to see continued growth of the brand in the Ohio market.

Craig and Kristen are newlyweds with big plans for their future. Craig has worked as a software implementation specialist for over a dozen years, while Kristen is an office lead in the medical field, and both were growing tired of working for corporate America. With a wedding on the horizon and work-life balance becoming more important, they started looking into business ownership a few years ago, hoping to find something that would provide them with more freedom. Craig notes that they were looking for something that they could scale at their pace, and through their own decisions, but also wanted something that provided built-in efficiencies and less overall risk. With that in mind, they started looking at franchising instead of starting up something from scratch. moshield-Craig and Kristen

Operating a mosquito control franchise was not on their radar when they started looking. In fact, Craig scoffed when presented with the idea. He quickly changed his mind when he saw Mosquito Shield’s numbers, in particular the industry-leading 84% customer retention rate. He also saw the strength offered by Mosquito Shield’s support system, including in-house marketing and the internal sales center. That got the Dzubaks digging more into the Mosquito Shield business model, and everything continued to fall into place.

“I make decisions based on data, but the people I partnered with through the entire process made me feel good about the decision,” Craig said. “Everyone involved in taking me through this process exceed my expectations at not only their technical roles, but as people. I felt like I had partnerships on this journey, not just guidance from someone doing their job. It’s very clear that Franchising is a lifestyle for this team and not just a paycheck to get to the next one.”

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