Mosquito Shield Continues to Buzz in Greensboro, NC as Owners Come Back for 4 More Territories

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Dec 21, 2022 12:18:00 PM

Mosquito Shield’s pattern of consistent growth continues in 2022 with four additional territories sold in the Greensboro, NC market. Through its state-of-the-art solution to mosquito issues nationwide, Mosquito Shield has positioned itself to be the premier choice for homeowners who have invested in their outdoor living spaces. We are excited to see our newest franchise partners, Kevin J. and Cas H. add to their excising portfolio.

Friends since childhood, Kevin and Cas have now partnered in business. Kevin resides in Ohio and originally thought that would be the ideal place to start a new business, but once he set his heart on partnering with his lifelong friend, they chose to operate in Cas’s area of the country – Greensboro, NC. They will open one territory now with four more to come later this season. moshield-Kevin Johnson

Kevin is a former USAF veteran who has worked in telecommunications engineering and sales for 32 years. He is hopeful adding territory to his new business venture will soon allow him to retire from his day job and focus on his family – he and wife Andrea have three children.

Cas is a pastor who has specialized in taking struggling churches and turning them into thriving Christian communities. His family, which includes wife Marcia and three children, has worked together ministering to various communities through music and other evangelical efforts. Marcia is also involved in running the franchise day to day with Cas in Greensboro.

moshield-Cas HortonWhen he was first looking for a new business venture, Kevin was immediately struck by the Mosquito Shield branding, but didn’t think it would be the right business for him. After taking some time to investigate other options that seemed more appealing at first glance, Kevin and Cas came back to Mosquito Shield. They really liked the transparency Mosquito Shield afforded during the investigative process. “All the documents we reviewed were open and honest and we did not feel like we were being sold to,” Kevin said. “We felt welcomed.”

Kevin and Cas were also attracted to the Mosquito Shield franchise opportunity because of the turn-key nature of the system.  Having a call center focused on closing potential customers was a big reason they decided to join the Mosquito Shield family. 

“We are looking forward to growing this business in our five territories and executing on a system developed for success,” Kevin said. 

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