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Dec 4, 2023 4:09:18 PM

At Franchise FastLane, it’s no secret that we’re working with the best brands in the franchising world. Over the years, we’ve developed a stellar reputation for vetting and evaluating new and emerging brands – sometimes as many as 200 in one calendar year! What we look for in a brand is important to our target audience of entrepreneurial candidates. We seek franchise opportunities with good unit economics, scalability, and the potential for explosive – but responsible – levels of growth. That’s why it’s not the least bit surprising that several of the brands on our current roster have been acquired by private equity groups, investors who happen to know a thing or two about promising potential.


To date, there are 25+ brands in our portfolio of franchise ownership opportunities. And we thought it would be a helpful exercise to provide you with a quick blurb for each concept. These fast facts may ignite your interest in exploring franchise ownership and – if so – we hope to hear from you about getting started. Without further ado, here are the Franchise FastLane “Brand Blurbs”.


All Dry – this is a restoration business that handles water damage and mold remediation services for both residential and commercial customers. It’s a mobile-based franchise opportunity with a low start up and high return potential.


Bar-B-Clean – have you ever noticed that everyone loves using their outdoor grills, but nobody loves cleaning and maintaining them? Seizing on this opportunity, Bar-B-Clean offers owners an all-mobile business that provides professional-grade cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers.


Best Choice Roofing – this is the highest-producing roofing franchise in the U.S., now over 60 locations which generated a combined $150M in systemwide sales in 2022. Best Choice Roofing is a mobile business opportunity that provides franchise owners with innovative products, low royalties, and generous territories.


Black Optix Tint – this emerging brand joined Franchise FastLane in 2023 and is a premier provider of quality window tinting and auto restyling – a red-hot market for car enthusiasts everywhere. Black Optix Tint offers franchisees a solid business opportunity where they can help maintain the brand’s market-leading position in a $10.5 billion annual industry.


Bloomin’ Blinds – this business model is the only national window coverings franchise that does it all, from sales to installs to repairs for both residential and commerical customers. In business since 2001, candidates have the opportunity to join a family-run company that features an all-mobile business model and no required inventory. Simplicity at its finest!


The Brothers Who Just Do Gutters – what’s not to love about a first-to-market gutter installation and cleaning business where operational franchise outlets averaged over $1M in gross sales in 2022 alone? Brothers Gutters offers franchise owners multiple revenue streams and multiple ownership models to foster a stable work-life balance.


Canopy Lawn Care – say hello to the newest Franchise FastLane brand! This isn’t a traditional lawn mowing or lawn care service, but rather LAWN SCIENCE! This is a business where owners have the opportunity to offer both residential and commercial customers with modernized yard fertilization, weed control, lawn application services, and so much more – all thanks to their rapid, no-touch, quoting process - driven entirely by AI-based technology.


Conserva Irrigation – this brand boasts 180 locations both awarded AND opened – not bad for a concept that began franchising just five short years ago. This residential lawn sprinkler service provider experienced a 54% year-over-year system-wide growth from 2021 to 2022. Backed by Empower Brands, candidates should investigate Conserva Irrigation and find out why the grass really is always greener for their franchisees.


DonutNV – this business model was designed for life in the FastLane, a low-cost, all-mobile food truck selling highly desirable items – hot donuts, ice-cold lemonade, and coffee. Candidates who choose to explore this simple but profitable business model will quickly discover why everyone loves the sweet smell of success!


EverLine Coatings – this business is America’s fastest-growing parking lot line-striping service provider that established 280+ franchised territories in two years. Considering the current rundown state of many public and private parking lots, candidates should consider the vast potential that exists for property owners who could benefit from EverLine’s services.


The Exercise Coach – this business is a means to cash in on America’s fitness craze, but in this marketplace, results matter. When investigating this effective business model, owners will quickly learn how The Exercise Coach’s personalized training and patented technology has helped the brand to become the fastest-growing personal fitness franchise on the market today.


Five Star Bath Solutions – America has gone crazy for remodeling since the pandemic, helping Five Star Bath Solutions become a market leader in the franchising space. Franchise owners provide both residential and commercial customers with affordable, one to two-day bathroom transformations, designed to fit any need, budget, and timeline. And all for a fraction of competitor pricing.


Gameday Men’s Health – talk about a “Game Changer,” this is a brand that’s revolutionizing the market for men’s low testosterone treatments. This franchise joined FastLane in 2023 and has already awarded over 400 territories! The brand’s simplified approach provides franchise owners with recurring revenue streams and plenty of customers who enjoy satisfying results.


Hallmark Homecare – the senior services marketplace is booming, thanks in part to 10,000 individuals aging out in our population each and every day. Candidates investigating this brand will discover how Hallmark has pioneered a better business model for senior care placement, where owners are currently serving an average of 30 clients per month.


Koala Insulation – this is a brand that’s capitalized on the growing popularity of spray foam insulation for both residential and commercial customers. Candidates exploring this franchise will quickly grasp the potential of this all-mobile business model, where there are no leases, no landlords, but plenty of potential to satisfy customers. With 400 territories and climbing, they’re definitely doing something right!


M14Hoops – The first ever national basketball development franchise is ultimately a youth sports and passion play for kids, with one-on-one instruction that blends old school fundamentals with today’s advanced moves and skill sets. This 100% mobile business requires NO long term leases or build-outs as franchisees rent spaces to accommodate growth.


Shrunk 3D – this is such an interesting brand that our CEO, Carey Gille, bought into it herself. An all-mobile business that uses 3D scanning technology to turn photos into 4-9” statues in full color. Name a parent or grandparent who wouldn’t jump at the chance to pay for this!


Soccer Stars – there’s not a more popular youth sport in America than soccer, estimated at $19 billion annually. Coaching players as early as daycare-aged, Soccer Stars impacts communities with a simple business model and minimal staffing requirements, allowing franchisees to host classes anywhere year-round.


Spray-Net – this brand is North America’s fastest-growing patented home renovation franchise. Spray-Net offers residential and commercial customers a factory painting experience for a reasonable cost coupled with a 15-year no-peel warranty on all coatings (includes kitchen cabinets, vinyl & aluminum siding, brick, stucco, gutters, and more).


Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change – with vehicles requiring an oil change every 3,000 miles, candidates can take advantage of a recession-resistant market for quick-change automotive services. To date, 250+ locations have been awarded, and the 2022 system average gross profit was above $500K.


Tippi Toes – featured on Season 2 of NBC’s Shark Tank, Tippi Toes cheerfully provides children with a fun, positive, and nurturing environment where they can experience the joys of dance, self-expression, and movement. With a mobile-based business model and proprietary curriculum, Tippi Toes offers franchisees a low-cost opportunity to get up and running fast.


The Tox – this brand just joined life in the FastLane and it’s like no other brand in our portfolio. Operating in a $20 billion annual industry, The Tox is the first lymphatic and digestive body sculpting franchise in the U.S. What’s in it for candidates? The Tox is quick to open, requires only a small footprint, and sells proprietary products and services designed to generate high profit margins. Their corporate team also handles the influencer marketing for franchisees!


Wallaby Windows – this brand offers replacement windows and doors with no hassles and requires limited equipment and no inventory on hand. Operating in a $31 billion industry, Wallaby Windows franchisees only need two employees to start and can launch their businesses in as little as 60-90 days. This is a “pane-free” business model that’s well worth investigating!


Zoom Drain – concentrating on calls, techs, and trucks, Zoom Drain is a premier provider of plumbing solutions for drain and sewer work. For candidates, it’s an affordable franchise model that offers limitless potential in servicing both residential and commercial service requests.


Are You Ready to Step Into Franchise Ownership?

Franchise FastLane is the No. 1 Franchise Sales Organization (FSO) in the country and our mission is to responsibly drive extraordinary growth for the chosen few. We have vetted hundreds of brands and the ones featured above have our stamp of approval and are ready to grow! To learn more about the brands we represent, explore our brands page today. If you are interested in learning more about the possibility of joining the FastLane or CarPool, please apply here! To keep up with all the latest happenings, make sure you follow us on LinkedIn, like us on Facebook, and check out our collection of photos on Instagram.

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