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What Is Hallmark Homecare?

Hallmark Homecare assists seniors by serving as recruiters and matchmakers for families seeking fully vetted, experienced, insured, professional caregivers, but the caregivers are hired by the family.  Since families hire their caregiver directly, not Hallmark, the agency “middleman” and high fees are eliminated, saving the families up to 35% on their care, and the franchisees don’t have any caregiver employees.  Win! – Win! – Win!



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Why Own A Hallmark Homecare Franchise?

Join the breakthrough franchise that’s restoring affordability to seniors and revolutionizing the private-hire system for the benefit of families, caregivers and senior care business owners alike. With Hallmark Homecare, everyone wins.
The Preferred Approach for Senior Care

 Clients save money, have better care & more control. Caregivers earn higher wages, travel less, and work more hours. 

Seasoned Leadership Team

This is not, CEO/Founder, Stever Everhart's first time launching a franchise. With 100 years of combined experience on the team as a franchisee, you will be supported through and through.

Fast Ramp-Up

Hallmark's launch program gets franchisees operating within a few weeks.

Simple Model

Enjoy a franchise that has high-profit potential where you can work from home and only need 2 employees. 

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See what our franchisees are saying

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As a retired advanced practice registered nurse, I understand the need for homecare and the struggle for family members to provide care for their loved ones. Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid can only offer so many days of care, and what happens after those days are up, can be difficult for patients and their families to navigate. We recognized the simple model and operation with Hallmark Homecare and the resumes of the leadership team gave us great comfort, knowing that we will have amazing support in our journey as a franchise partner with Hallmark Homecare.”

Hallmark Homecare Franchisee
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Hallmark Homecare offers the opportunity for us to service families navigating the complex landscape of elder care. We are excited to be aligned with a forward-thinking executive team in a growth industry where demand will continue to outpace supply.”

Hallmark Homecare Franchisee
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During the discovery process, I found that talking to existing franchisees in validation was so helpful. Hearing their perspectives and seeing that it's not a one-size fits all is comforting. I think everyone has different skill sets and approaches that work. I'm excited to put myself out there, make mistakes, make a difference, and have some fun.”

Hallmark Homecare Franchisee
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Hallmark Homecare transcends the conventional notion of merely providing a service; it's dedicated to building genuine relationships and nurturing a sense of community. Hallmark Homecare's innovative approach is actively changing the landscape of the homecare industry, setting new standards for quality and client-focused care. This, coupled with their established track record, solidified it as the unequivocal choice for me."

Hallmark Homecare Franchisee