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What Is Hallmark Homecare?

The Hallmark Homecare executives are seasoned veterans of The Senior’s Choice, the largest and most recognized network of senior care providers in the industry. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Incline Village, NV, our team has trained and supported countless individuals helping them to establish nearly 700 agencies in their own successful senior care markets worldwide. Armed by over 20 years of experience in the senior care sector, we have developed Hallmark Homecare as a pioneering model of senior care – one that blends the very best elements from the industry’s two existing models.

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Why Own A Hallmark Homecare Franchise?

Join the breakthrough franchise that’s restoring affordability to seniors and revolutionizing the private-hire system for the benefit of families, caregivers and senior care business owners alike. With Hallmark Homecare, everyone wins.

The preferred approach for senior care. Clients save money, have better care & more control. Caregivers earn higher wages, travel less, and work more hours. 


Seasoned Leadership Team. This is not, CEO/Founder, Stever Everhart's first time launching a franchise. With 100 years of combined experience on the team as a franchisee, you will be supported through and through.


Fast ramp-up. Hallmark's launch program gets franchisees operating within a few weeks.


Simple Model. Enjoy a franchise that has high-profit potential where you can work from home and only need 2 employees. 

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After learning about this direct-hire care model, we recognized that this is filling a huge need for people needing more affordable homecare as well as quality, experienced caregivers. We see Hallmark as the way of the future for in-home care. We’re eager to show our kids that you can positively impact the lives of the people around you while making a living as a business owner. We’re looking forward to helping as many people as we can.

Michelle Recinos
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I have been blessed with training from some pretty prestigious groups… this was the best that I have ever experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The camaraderie, sharing of ideas, willingness to help one another, etc is unprecedented in my long business career. I am thrilled to be a part of this organization!”

Carol C.
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Steve, I wanted to let you know how much the time you and your Team have spent with me has skyrocketed my thinking about the marketing plan and pumped some new confidence into what foundation we are building around us. I’m committing myself to get everything revised and out the door this week. Great discussion is so important to keep us on track. You are a motivator and coach to us. We are blessed. Many thanks!"

Steve Parrott
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My husband and I looked into various franchised business opportunities prior to ultimately deciding on Hallmark Homecare. Given our vast background in sales and marketing, we wanted to work in a space that utilized our natural skill sets, while giving back and making an impact on the lives of families in need. Hallmark Homecare was the perfect fit! While we weren’t necessarily versed in the senior care industry, the executive team of 15+ years has guided us with ease through any unknown territory. Our model of care is clearly superior to anything perceived to be competition and is more affordable for families who desire to keep their loved ones in the comfort of their homes. 

Denise Sullivan