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Established and Growing Since 2001

At Bloomin’ Blinds, we are a family-owned and operated franchise. Established in 2001, we endeavor to help entrepreneurs open their own company and achieve their goal of being a business owner. We offer our franchise owners the opportunity to be a part of something great. We have proven methods and tools to ensure success. Our nationally recognized brand makes marketing easier, while our long-term support helps you grow as a business owner.


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The Advantages of Owning a Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise

It's just not our simple, home-based, mobile, NO inventory, and quick-to-scale business model that sets Bloomin' Blinds apart from other franchise opportunities. There are lots of other BLOOMIN' factors.

In-House Call Center.

Staffed in our corporate office and hand trained for two weeks before getting on the phones. In-bound call center designed for scheduling appointments and customer Q&A. 

Our Experience.
We’re BROTHERS who specialize in BLINDS! At Bloomin’ Blinds, we have been in business since 2001 and we have survived THREE major recessions and have learned valuable lessons. As a leadership team, we have weathered the storm, proven the model through those times, and have the knowledge of how to bring a team through the next storm. 
Technology Systems.

The window covering industry has been run the same way for 40 years… notepad and pencil behind the ear.  We have improved the process and added Best in Class technology in every available element of a Bloomin’ Blinds operation. With our iPads, we use a laser measuring device that visually and digitally applies our products to a customer’s wall. Not only this but customers can track technician arrival like Uber and Dominos and we have a 40% conversion rate when requesting reviews by text just.

Window Coverings are Essential.

Every building, residential or commercial is a potential opportunity for Bloomin’ Blinds. We all forget about blinds, and they don’t lead most Pinterest searches but if you don’t have them, the 4th of July picnic is going to be a little awkward.  

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Franchising with Bloomin’ Blinds was the best decision I have ever made. The corporate office really helps to get your business started and money coming in."

Bloomin' Blinds Franchisee
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Anyone looking at this franchise should know that these guys really do care about your success. I love the business and what it can mean to my family but nothing compares to how Bloomin' Blinds cares about our success and being part of our story"

Greg Whatley
Bloomin' Blinds Franchisee
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After 30+ years in corporate America, Bloomin' Blinds was such a great breath of fresh air. I am in control of my future and I have an incredible support team around me."

Mark Campbell
Bloomin' Blinds Franchisee
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Bloomin' Blinds has been such a great move for our family! We are having fun, making money, and the future looks really bright for our business."
Jennifer Duncan
Bloomin' Blinds Franchisee
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Bloomin' Blinds was an easy choice for me, adding blind repair to our business model is a true separator in our area and we are growing really fast."
Josh Schroeckenthaler
Bloomin' Blinds Franchisee
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