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Franchisor Success

When Ryan Zink, Franchise FastLane’s co-founder, walked in D1 Nashville, he immediately got goosebumps thinking about the potential of D1. With Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, Chris Paul, Von Miller, and many other world-class athletes involved, it was obvious D1 was the place for the athlete. Unfortunately, D1’s growth stalled early on due to the size and expense of their facilities. Together, D1 and FastLane create a much smaller option, significantly reducing expenses, and growth has not slowed down ever since.

When Franchise FastLane was introduced to Roger McGreal, Co-Founder of SPENGA, in 2018 they had five franchisees operating seven studios. SPENGA's leadership team was well-versed in fitness, with previous ownership of 40 big box gyms prior to beginning SPENGA, but was not familiar with growing and scaling as a franchise. FastLane quickly saw the huge potential of SPENGA's leadership team and their Spin, Strength and Yoga workout.  In the first two years, FastLane was able to add over 250 franchise units for SPENGA.

Monster Tree and Franchise FastLane began working together in the winter of 2017. At the time Monster Tree had around 15 franchisees.  Monster Tree’s founder knew his franchise opportunity was positioned to grow into the Next Big Thing but was frustrated as he had gone through multiple franchise development leaders and team members trying to find the right strategy for growth. Using Franchise FastLane Franchise Growth Plan Monster Tree was able to quickly scale and grew to over 100 franchisees and over 250 territories.  In Monster Tree 2021 sold the company to Authority Brands for a large exit value.

Michael Moorhouse, President of Mosquito Shield, says Franchise FastLane should re-name the company to Franchise Warp Speed. When Mosquito Shield joined the FastLane in the fall of 2020, they had been offering franchise opportunities for seven years and had approximately 50 franchise locations. In the first 8 months of using FastLane's Franchise Growth Plan, they added an additional 150 locations. Michael may be right, 'warp speed' may be more appropriate.

Smash My Trash was the fastest growing franchise in the country in 2020 during the COVID pandemic. In just 15 months, they grew 500% from 1 location to 500+. Smash brought a unique franchise opportunity with a big financial upside, and Franchise FastLane brought their growth plan. Together they smashed many franchise sales records!

Right away, Franchise FastLane knew Premier Martial Arts was the Next Big Thing in children’s focused franchising. They had all the tools needed to be a successful franchisor, an experienced founder, an effective home office team, successful franchisees, and more. On their own, they grew to 40 locations over 20 years, and they were looking for expert help. Before joining Franchise FastLane, they hired another Franchise Sales Organization and for 12 months sold zero new franchise locations. They fired that firm and hired FastLane. Over the next two years, FastLane helped them add over 350 locations.

Koala Insulation was small but mighty when they first reached out to FastLane. With only a few franchise locations open, there was some concern if they were ready for the explosive franchise growth that Franchise FastLane would bring. After a phone call with Koala’s founder and CEO, Scott Marr, those concerns quickly went away. He shared his vision, experience, and infrastructure he had already invested into for Koala franchisees. There was no doubt they had what it took to be the nation's largest Insulation franchise. FastLane and Koala teamed up when they were only 3 locations open and operating, and in the first year, they added over 150 new territories.

Color World was ready to make American homes look brighter through franchise growth. Since painting was their business and franchise development wasn't, they decided to hire another Franchise Sales Organization and only awarded 1 location after a year. The founder had a hunger to grow, and this just wasn't good enough for him. He decided to leave that sales company and join the FastLane. In the first 6 months, Color World added 30 new locations in just over 20 months and quickly met the 100 location mark.

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3 keys to the success of FastLane's franchise brands

  1. Proven marketing process: Leave the marketing of your franchise and territories to our team of professionals, so you can focus on running your business.
  2. Proven sales process: Earn wins. Our gritty, driven team never drops the ball, whether it's meetings, callbacks, financial validations, or anything else.
  3. A flow of highly qualified buyers: Get your franchise brand front of mind with the top consultants through our long-standing proven reputation.