Franchise candidates that work with Franchise FastLane rate the education process 4.9 out of 5 stars

Franchisor Quotes




"The quality of candidates since we've been working with FastLane has been 3x, 4x, and even 5x what we used to get before!"

Dean Hartley
Brand President of Five Star Bath Solutions

"Since coming into the FastLane, I've become a better Franchisor than I was before. The franchisees that have come on board through FastLane have forced me to do that. I feel I'm helping out my franchisees more than I was before."

Bryan Weinstein
Founder of Bar-B-Clean



"We wanted something special. Someone that we knew could really take our brand values and really accelerate those and find franchise partners that were as good as we've hired and built. It's felt like a partnership the whole way through!"

Adam Giesler
CEO of Soccer Stars

Consultant Quotes




All Dry is an impressive model, but when my candidate heard that both Bobby and Carin are owners of this franchise, he really started paying attention. THANK YOU, Carin and Bobby, for being great role leaders of the process and great role models for this business!!

Kim Daly FranChoice


Patrick and the Franchise Fastlane family have been a tremendous help in getting Martin and Josh the information they needed to make a great decision to move forward with a Koala Franchise. Excited to see their success in the years to come!

Seth Lederman FCC


I couldn't be more excited for my client & his wife! They had some very natural concerns about investing in a franchise business, but the team over at Franchise Fastlane approached those concerns with respect, patience, and honesty. What more could one ask for? Derek & Bobby did a terrific job guiding my client through the discovery process, which is nothing new. They always do a tremendous job! I'm very happy to partner with Franchise Fastlane and look forward to helping many more clients together moving forward. Looking forward to seeing my client live the American dream of business ownership!

Christian Dadulak  IFPG


FastLane is a dedicated, integrated, candidate-focused and broker-centric franchiser operating team. They work together as one and emanate a can-do attitude that is immediately understood and appreciated by all involved. I cannot wait to introduce my next candidate to FastLane because I know without question that another win-win-win will result!

Leland Forst
Franchise Consulting Company


Derek is always great on frick and frack. He kept me in the loop on every step with Santiago his great communication paid off. After plodding through his investigation for several months, Santiago had a situation come up where he all of a sudden needed to move forward with signing and paying his franchise fee. He hadn’t been to confirmation day. No problem. Derek and Scott came up with a solution. They sent Santiago a recorded confirmation day and made department heads available for one-on-one conversations with Santiago. Santiago did eventually make it to confirmation day, but he did so after he’d already signed and paid.

West Romberger FranChoice


Carin has been a great ambassador for SPENGA and Franchise FastLane. She provided my client with everything he needed to make the decision to move forward, and he needed a lot! Bobby has been essential in helping to guide my client through the final steps of the process. Carin and Bobby make a great team. A real pleasure to work with. Thank you.

Doug Jones TES


Working with Carin and Bobby is awesome! They have a great franchise development process and they truly care about their candidates. One thing that sets them apart is they are actual owners of All Dry. It says a lot when the person leading the process is also an owner. They put their money where their mouth is!

Andy Banker FranChoice


This was my first experience working with the team at FastLane. They know what they are doing and know how to close deals. Carey Gille and I communicated every step of the way, and she and team IMMEDIATELY addressed every concern the client had. This organization is first class and will be doing a ton of deals.

Steve Belko Franchise Consulting Company


Jesse was incredible to work with! Luke really valued Jesse’s down to earth approach and his ability to speak about the business from firsthand experience. The Franchise FastLane process was thorough and quick too.

Chris Cynkar FranChoice


Working with the Franchise FastLane team was amazing. Carin and Bobby are professional, organized, and some of the best at what they do! We ran into roadblocks with our candidate and both Fastlane and SPENGA were more than willing to help get this deal across the finish line and do what was best for my candidate. I highly recommend that you work with them.

Lance Hood FBA


It is extremely efficient working with Franchise Fastlane. Patrick Sanchez and the team provide detailed notes and updates about the status of my candidates. Working together, we are able to help facilitate forward progress leading to deal closings.

Brennan Davis IFPG


Franchise FastLane has once again been a pleasure to work with. Carin and Bobby are so good at what they do, and there is never a doubt about the candidates I send being in good hands. They treat them with respect and professionalism as they guide them through the process. I'm glad to say that we have a happy new All Dry Franchisee in the Houston area!

Brennan Caomprett FBA


I loved Koala from go. Simple needs-based service with awesome proven marketing. Green. Energy savings. What homeowner doesn’t want savings? I also knew that if FFL was developing it, it had to have special leadership, and man is that ever true! Scott, the founder and his entire executive team, went above and beyond to help Ray feel confident that this was a good opportunity, and together with the FFL team of Derek and Bobby, we were able to help Ray seize the opportunity now. I know this will be my first of many placements with Koala. THANK YOU, FFL, for bringing us another great franchise brand!

Kim Daly FranChoice


Patrick is a great addition to the Franchise FastLane team. He was extremely responsive to all my clients’ questions, and they were very complimentary of him, the Franchise FastLane team and the leadership at Fundraising U. Patrick also did a great job with frick and frack and kept me in the loop through the entire process. My clients latched onto Fundraising U after the first call and drove 11 hours one way to attend their DDay in person in late March. If Fundraising U isn’t on your horses list, you should consider adding it. It’s a low investment with recurring revenue, and a great fit for those who have an interest in youth sports and supporting their community.

Sara Waskow FranNet


My clients were IT business consultants seeking new investment opportunities to expand their business portfolio. They were looking for a semi-absentee business model with a strong leadership team and ROI. Once they had a few calls with Carin, they knew All Dry Services was a top contender. Carin and Bobby did a phenomenal job with my clients as they guided them through the validation and kept me updated throughout the process. Thank you Carin and Bobby for your dedication and professionalism. Sincere gratitude!

Bill Stark FCC


Working with Scott has been an absolute pleasure. He came to me knowing that he was ready to embark on a new business venture but was not sure what industry and franchise model would mostly align with his market and background. Scott’s strength is definitely in his business acumen, leadership skills, and positive personality. It was clear from the beginning that he would want a concept that would be scalable and allow him to build wealth. Scott was instantly impressed with the Conserva Irrigation model and its amazing opportunity within his market. His commitment throughout the discovery process validated his genuine love for brand. Scott also shared with me that his experience with the Franchise FastLane Team and Conserva Irrigation Executive Team was nothing short of superior. I truly appreciated the open dialogue and follow-up from Aaron and TJ each step of the way. I can’t wait to see Scott’s success!!!

Amanda Tokos


I love working with FFL, in fact, their brands are my first choice in all categories. And SPENGA is in a league of its own. From Carin to Bobby to the management team, my candidates are treated professionally and truly educated on the business model, support and success. Carin is so fantastic. She walks my candidates through the education process so thoroughly and keeps me informed every step of the way. I’m continuously impressed with the support of SPENGA corporate. My candidates, Sarah and Brian, are beyond thrilled to join this brand. Returning from Confirmation Day, Sarah said that she was blown away. She said this is “not a scam.” She said it is clear they have no intention of slowing down anytime and it’s about building a premier brand, not about just making money.

Laura Blackmore FranServe


My candidate loved this brand and the CEO, Kelsey, spoke to him for an hour on the weekend! He told me ‘I can't thank you enough for presenting Bloomin’ Blinds to me.’ This is one to seriously watch, more to follow with the fantastic people at Franchise FastLane!

Ron Sacco FCC


Mosquito Shield and the FastLane team are rockstars. The process was first class all of the way.

Consultant Quote FCC