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in the FastLane

Franchise FastLane brands average 3x more franchise sales in the first 12 months!

Why Franchise FastLane?

1. Find the Right Franchisees

Franchisees are coveted by thousands of franchise brands. We know how to build a compelling story around your brand, create the right FDD, discovery process, marketing materials, and more get you noticed.

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2. Grow Faster to Avoid the Slow Death

We have all heard if you aren’t growing you’re dying. The same holds true in franchising if you grow too slow. Slow growth still requires much of the same systems to support franchisees but doesn’t provide the capital needed to hire people and invest in those systems. To grow your franchise into a sustainable brand, you must quickly grow and build your team and resources.

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3. Save Money

The learning curve is expensive for emerging franchisors – recruit, hire, build relationships, create a growth strategy, generate leads, establish criteria, create territories, and more. Franchisors must move fast or risk sizzling out. We’ll handle all of this for you in addition to leveraging our experience and relationships to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls while maximizing momentum to accelerate your growth.

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4. Experience and Focus

Our leadership has been involved in franchising for decades. We have been Founders, CEO’s, Presidents, Chief Development Officers, Franchisees, Suppliers, and more for some of the fastest-growing franchise brands in the nation. Using our combined experience, FastLane will build your growth plan to help you become one of The Next Big brands in franchising.

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5. Top Franchise Sales Organization

No Franchise Sales Organization awards as many franchise locations per year as we do. We work with our chosen few franchisors that have what it takes to be The Next Big Thing in franchising. 

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6. Acquire Future Value

We have created hundreds of millions of dollars of value for our Franchisors. Every new location we help you develop is worth a multiple of earnings, and franchisors are currently being acquired at record level multiples.

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Franchise FastLane wins with the right brand partners

We turn away the many to drive explosive growth for the few.

  • Most of our highly qualified franchisees buy multiple locations.
  • Thousands of territories awarded since 2017.
  • FastLane was named a top franchise development company by Entrepreneur Magazine for four consecutive years.

We win when you win.
Success-based fee structure.


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