Building a Better Franchise Through Support and Culture

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Oct 1, 2022 1:47:00 PM

We’re almost halfway through 2022 and already the calendar year has brought tremendous growth for Zoom Drain with the addition of nine new franchises. Further expanding expert drain and sewer service in unexplored states like Georgia, Michigan and Texas, new franchisees are already set to open as soon as August — and there are still plenty of great territories available.

With growth scheduled to continue to propel the Philadelphia-based company well into next year and beyond, potential franchisees are seeing the benefits of this niche business. Unlike a plumber, who must be a jack of all trades, Zoom Drain specializes in cleaning, inspection and repairs of drains and sewers. If it deals with wastewater lines, Zoom Drain deals with it — and that’s it!

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Understanding the importance each of their skills brings to the table, Chief Executive Office Jim Criniti and President of Zoom Drain Franchise Ellen Rohr combined their strengths to create a successful franchise model built on extensive manuals, training and support. But that only takes any evolving brand so far. There has to be a highly supportive and encouraging culture, which is something that can be found throughout Zoom Drain’s organizational chart — from the top down.

“I was presented with four different franchise opportunities and, in my head, I said there’s no way I would do Zoom Drain — I don’t want to do that, that’s not in my wheelhouse,” admitted Kevin Hussey, of soon-to-open Zoom Drain of Northwest New Jersey. “And then I got to meet the people. I have never been disappointed or let down by any of them, so that’s the draw!”

What kind of support comes with a Zoom Drain franchise — and what makes it different? At its core, it’s the foundation of calls, techs and trucks!

“The moment I knew my father and I had made the right decision to open a Zoom Drain franchise was about eight or nine months in, looking at the books,” explained Sam Marcisso III of Zoom Drain New England, one of the company’s leading franchisees. “We were already profitable! That’s kind of when I knew what we were doing was going to work, and we just had to keep up with everyone else and stay with training and stay with the marketing.” Employees are vital but if the phones aren’t ringing, then everything else is for nothing. The marketing and sales team helps every franchise generate the right number of phone calls, from the right customers, at the right time to build the business in an underserved market segment. And the marketing manual includes a recommended budget, allocation and calendar.

“Everybody I met, it was like, ‘OK, Zoom Drain wants us to be successful just as much as we want to be successful,’” said Robert Pace of Zoom Drain Collin County, Texas. “And I felt like they were honest and genuine, that they weren’t just giving us lip service and saying that this is what we’re going to do to get us in the door to sell a franchise – to put a dot on the map. They were really interested in bringing people in, showing them the business and helping them be successful.”

Zoom Drain isn’t just going to hand the ball off after a franchise launches. All of that support remains, through planning and operational manuals, with detailed projects and how to execute them, as well as simple, yet powerful, financial systems that guide a new franchisee through key metrics. It doesn’t matter if the ink is fresh or well established, franchisees will never be left on an island.

Just the support they provide in terms of onboarding, the systems and the processes they have in place. As a new franchisee, I don’t have to figure it out for myself,” said Will Clay, who is set to launch Zoom Drain Atlanta later this summer.

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