Zoom Drain Makes Another Pennsylvania Placement

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Dec 8, 2022 10:51:00 AM

Mark P. knows a thing or two about clogged drain problems – he is a very successful real estate investor, and owns multiple properties around the Pittsburgh, PA metro area. He started his franchise search seeking to find a business that would allow him to diversify his income and holdings, and provide him another avenue for expansion as the real estate market showed some uncertainty. As a landlord, drains were such a common issue with his tenants, and he was spending so much money on contractors, that when his franchise consultant mentioned Zoom Drain, his ears perked immediately!

He knew that the older properties, both commercial and residential, in his area had chronic drain issues, and as an experienced business owner, felt that with a proven franchise playbook, he could make a lot of money helping other property owners keep their water draining! It didn’t hurt that the brand’s HQ was a short few hours away in Philadelphia, and after a visit meeting them at Confirmation Day, along with the clear commitment he saw to training and support, he was awarded 3 territories in the Pittsburgh, PA market. We are so proud that we were able to find a great fit! zoomdrain-mark-puzas

For 25+ years, Zoom Drain has optimized customer service by providing expert drain services with our mantra of, “Fast, Focused and Fixed.” We provide an essential, recession-proof, emergency service that has minimal competition and no seasonality. Zoom Drain’s top priority is providing the best support systems and resources for our franchisees. We have wide open availability of prime territories across the US! 


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