The Numerous Advantages of Owning a Mobile-Based Business

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May 1, 2023 10:00:00 AM

At Franchise FastLane, the majority of our franchise opportunities are mobile-based businesses. Small businesses that don’t require a pricey commercial real estate lease in a well-to-do shopping center with proven ingress and egress statistics. You’ll find that the majority of work-from-home concepts in our best-in-class inventory come with business models that provide owners with more freedom and a flexible schedule. In most cases, they’re dependent on in-person service calls where you take your expertise right to the front door of your target market. Or, in some cases, allow business owners to source a suitable venue to share their expertise and activities.


What other advantages await those who invest in a mobile-based business? We’re glad you asked. Keep reading for a list of convincing reasons of how a mobile-based business could be your ticket to an entrepreneurial future.


Priced to be an Affordable Alternative

When most people think of franchising, they assume it takes millions of dollars to open a fast casual restaurant with a big name brand – and it does. However, mobile-based franchise opportunities are well known for their low buy-in requirements. The majority of these opportunities have an affordable initial fee, require little in the way of overhead or inventory, and won’t require a commercial real estate lease. In fact, almost all of Franchise FastLane’s mobile-based businesses start at $100K or less.


Economies of Scalability

Many entrepreneurs who take the proverbial leap into business ownership of their own are concerned about costs and reaching that all-important breakeven point. But mobile-based franchise opportunities allow you to easily scale your operation and build it up as you go along. Franchise owners who start with one truck and one employee may find themselves with three trucks and five employees in less time than they imagined. Franchise owners can expand, or contract operations as needed, based on the needs of their own individual territories.


What Will You Do…With Your Freedom?

Like working from home? Let’s face it – not everyone is cut out for a 9-to-5 desk job, tucked away in a vast, gray cubicle farm. Sadly, many U.S. workers feel trapped in situations such as these, too dependent on their salary and benefits to quit. Thankfully, mobile-based businesses offer the exact opposite – the freedom and flexibility that come with being your own boss. Franchise FastLane brands allow owners to choose their own schedule, set their own appointments, and choose when and where to provide their in-demand services. All according to a schedule that’s convenient for their own personal lifestyle.


Franchise FastLane has 20+ best-in-class brands to choose from, the majority of which are mobile-based home services franchise opportunities. Our mobile-based brands help consumers establish better lawns and landscaping. They service key home appliances. They fix roofs and repair gutters. They remodel bathrooms, get rid of pests, and unclog drains. And if consumers need a snack, we’ve even got a concept that offers hot donuts and cold lemonade. What mobile-based franchise ownership is really about is convenience. Both for our valued customers, as well as our growing family of franchise owners.


We invite you to discover what’s possible in owning one of Franchise FastLane’s best-in-class mobile-based business opportunities.


Ready to Explore Franchise Ownership? Let’s Connect!

If you’d like to explore what’s possible through franchise ownership, we invite you to reach out to Franchise FastLane to discover the 20+ best-in-class brands in our portfolio of opportunities. Visit Franchise FastLane’s Brands page to learn more about the business ownership potential in each of our top-notch family of franchise opportunities.

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