FastLane Brands Earn Spots on Entrepreneur's Top New Franchises

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May 8, 2023 11:52:00 AM

At Franchise FastLane, we can’t help but highlight our highly selective process in determining the brands that make up our best-in-class inventory. But, from time to time, it’s always nice to provide evidence that backs up our claims. One such occasion just occurred last week, as Entrepreneur just released their 2023 Top New Franchises List. This compilation of new and emerging brands paints a picture of the most promising franchise opportunities on the market today.


The brands featured on this prestigious list are among the newest stars in the franchising world, which were compiled by reviewing concepts who have previously been submitted for the Franchise 500 list but only began operations after 2015. Earning a spot on this list is based on an average score from more than 150 data points such as initial startup costs, size, growth, franchisor support, brand strength, and financials. Franchise FastLane is proud to share that four of our 20+ best-in-class brands made the list in 2023! Below are the individual rankings for each brand on Entrepreneur’s Top New Franchises, and a brief paragraph for each franchise opportunity.

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No. 4 – Koala Insulation

Yes, one of Franchise FastLane’s esteemed brands managed to land a top-five spot on the list – Koala Insulation. The brand also came in at No. 235 in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list this year. Founded in 2018, the brand only began franchising the concept in 2020. To date, the insulation contractor franchise has now grown to include over 330 territories sold, with an astonishing 15,550% increase in new units in just the past three years! What makes this brand special is its simple business model, thorough training program, and an in-house marketing system that drives leads and sales for franchisees. Explore Koala Insulation by following this link.


No. 13 – All Dry Services

Just outside the top-10 of Entrepreneur’s 2023 Top New Franchises is All Dry Services, coming in at 13th overall. The business model offers cleaning and restoration services to both residential and commercial clients and began franchising their concept in 2020. All Dry Services earned the No. 333 spot on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list in 2023. To date, the brand has more than 115 franchise units covering more than 300 territories. And the past three years has seen an increase of 11,500% in new units awarded. As a turnkey franchisor, All Dry Services is a first-rate business opportunity which you can read more about by following this link.


No. 45 – Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change

Coming in just inside the top-50 is Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change. The brand began franchising the concept back in 2016, founded on a business model that focuses on superior customer service and support. With more than 100+ units deployed covering 250 locations, it’s clear they’ve adopted a winning strategy, leading to a 1,485% increase in new franchises awarded in just the past three years. Systemwide, each Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change location has earned more than $830K in average gross revenues. Learn more about this best-in-class Franchise FastLane brand by following this link.


No. 124 – DonutNV

Rounding out the Franchise FastLane brands who earned a spot on the 2023 Entrepreneur Top New Franchises list is DonutNV, which isn’t surprising when you discover the features of this turnkey business opportunity. The franchise offers hot donuts and fresh lemonade to consumers with an astonishing 84% net margins for franchisees – now totaling nearly 50 units. They began their franchising program back in 2018 but have noted a 1,366% growth rate in just the past three years. Not bad for a mobile-only business that offers both comprehensive training and close-knit support to franchisees. You can read more about DonutNV by following this link.


Congratulations goes to Koala Insulation, All Dry Services, Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change, and DonutNV for earning a ranking in the 2023 Top New Franchises list from Entrepreneur. We weren’t kidding when we said we only work with the best brands. The very best-in-class, that is.


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