Franchise Spotlight – Meet the Newest Franchise FastLane Brands

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Apr 24, 2023 9:41:00 AM

At Franchise FastLane, we take great pride in our ability to vet and assess up to 150 franchise concepts each year for possible inclusion in our brand inventory. Our sole mission is to promote and work with the next big franchise opportunities – those who demonstrate the potential for rapid growth, expansion, and profitability for franchisees looking to build an entrepreneurial future of their own. Our business models must have a clear-cut value proposition and enough key differentiators to separate the brand from direct competitors.


We’ve been pretty busy as of late, looking into concepts worthy enough to make the cut at Franchise FastLane. This is an ongoing process, but we’ve recently added three new concepts to our best-in-class inventory of top-notch brands. Keep reading to learn more about M14Hoops, Tippi Toes, and Bar-B-Clean - the newest members in our exclusive club of brands!


M14Hoops it Up!

On the heels of college basketball’s “March Madness” and the pending NBA playoffs, Franchise FastLane is proud to add M14Hoops, the first-ever national basketball development brand. This is a business opportunity that offers a year-round basketball development program designed for youths, grades K-12. M14Hoops combines “old school” fundamental skills of the game with innovative new moves and techniques that will help tomorrow’s basketball stars achieve their goals. The program instills meaningful values in young people, emphasizing respect, integrity, and transparency. The focus is squarely on development on an individual level, offering the brand’s signature “3-Way Accountability” consisting of attitude, leadership, and teamwork. Current locations have achieved an average of $1.1M in gross sales, for an adjusted profit of $487K. Visit Franchise FastLane’s M14Hoops page for further information.


Tippi Toes is On Point!

Furthering Franchise FastLane’s brands that promote specialized athletic skills for young children, Tippi Toes is now part of our growing family of best-in-class brands. This business opportunity consists of a unique program that teaches dance and creative movement that franchise owners can provide in various settings, such as childcare centers, schools, play groups, and after-school programs. Children are taught to perform skills at a high level, while receiving the kind of positive reinforcement that helps them establish healthy self-esteem. Tippi Toes programming contains a proprietary curriculum of songs, dances, and characters you won’t find in other dance schools. Visit Franchise FastLane’s Tippi Toes page for further information.


Bar-B-Clean Enhances Your “Grillability”

Bar-B-Clean is a franchise concept that offers turnkey high quality repair, restoration, and deep cleaning services for the family’s backyard grill. The timing of this new Franchise FastLane brand offering is convenient, as the summer grilling season has just begun. This business opportunity is a pioneering effort to lead the outdoor grill cleaning industry, utilizing a steam cleaning process to get grill surfaces sparkling clean, as well as sanitary. Franchisees can expect comprehensive training and support, with an emphasis on providing superior customer service and a hassle-free onsite experience.


Each of these three new franchise concepts have a couple of things in common. They offer prospective franchisees with an all-mobile business opportunity for an investment level under $100K. If M14Hoops, Tippi Toes, or Bar-B-Clean is a business model you’d like to investigate further, Franchise FastLane invites you to fill out our online contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly. Franchise FastLane is proud to add M14Hoops, Tippi Toes, and Bar-B-Clean to our growing family of best-in-class brands. Take it from us, if you’re looking to establish an entrepreneurial future, these are business opportunities that are well worth your time to explore!


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If you’d like to explore what’s possible through franchise ownership, we invite you to reach out to Franchise FastLane to discover the 20+ best-in-class brands in our portfolio of opportunities. Visit Franchise FastLane’s Brands page to learn more about the business ownership potential in each of our top-notch family of franchise opportunities.

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