Franchise FastLane Brands Earn Spots on Entrepreneur’s Fastest Growing Franchises

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Apr 3, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Third-party validation is an extremely important factor at the brand level in the franchising industry. Receiving notable recognition and social proof which originates outside an organization’s internal efforts can be an effective tool for enhancing brand awareness and the recruitment of qualified candidates. The franchising industry has its fair share of rankings, lists, and awards, but few carry the same level of influence as the validation from the Entrepreneur brand. Already well-known for its prestigious annual Franchise 500® list, Entrepreneur also recognizes franchisors in several ancillary categories – using the same data to compile an annual list of the Top 150 Fastest Growing Franchises.


Franchise FastLane is proud to share the news that seven of our best-in-class franchise brands earned a ranking among the 2023 Fastest Growing franchisors. To qualify for this honor, Entrepreneur identifies the franchise brands who have demonstrated the greatest unit growth in North America and Canada over the past year, based on percentage gains. Franchise FastLane brands earned one top-10 spot, three top-25 spots, and five among the top-100 fastest growing franchises. Each of these franchisors is highlighted below, including their rank and a brief synopsis of their recent growth:


No. 9 – Mosquito Shield

Founded in 2001, this outdoor pest control franchise has grown to include 320+ locations, with an astonishing 574% increase in established units in just the past three years. Mosquito Shield is a prime example of a brand that’s generating a “buzz” in the franchising industry.


No. 22 – Koala Insulation

There’s brand growth, and then there’s brand GROWTH – the kind that Koala Insulation has achieved over the past three years – up 15,550%. This residential and commercial insulation business launched its franchising campaign in 2020, and now includes more than 330+ territories and another 280+ in development.


No. 23 – All Dry Services

Water damage and mold remediation is a booming industry, as well as recession resistant. All Dry Services has gone after an aggressive campaign for market share in achieving 344+ locations, indicative of the brand’s 11,500% growth in the past three years alone.


No. 87 – The Exercise Coach

As the health and wellness sector continues booming, the demand for personal trainers has skyrocketed. After launching their franchising program in 2010, The Exercise Coach has grown to 250+ studios thanks to its savvy business model – a low-cost concept using patented technology to target a unique market.


No. 95 – The Brothers Who Just Do Gutters

For this Franchise FastLane brand, the name truly says it all. The Brothers Who Just Do Gutters is a first-to-market gutter installation and cleaning business who’s established 300+ territories, all of which average $1.7M in gross sales. In the past three years alone, they’ve seen a 369% increase in new units awarded.


No. 128 – Conserva Irrigation

You don’t need a green thumb to capitalize on the “green” built into this franchise opportunity – literally. Conserva Irrigation has achieved 55% year-over-year growth for a grand total of 180 locations. The brand was also singled out by Entrepreneur in 2022 as the No. 1 Emerging Franchise Brand in the U.S.


No. 150 – Spray-Net

Rounding out this year’s list of the top-150 Fastest Growing Franchises is Spray-Net, an exterior painting business that combines chemistry, software, and equipment to produce cutting-edge finishes. With an 82% increase in units awarded in the past three years, they’re well on their way to becoming a force in an industry worth $450 billion annually.


The 2023 Fastest-Growing Franchise rankings were judged according to company data and information submitted to Entrepreneur for the Franchise 500 list. You can view the full list online and each of the 150 designated brands who earned a spot on this list are featured in the March/April print edition of the magazine.


Congratulations to each of the seven fastest growing recipients included in Franchise FastLane’s inventory of best-in-class brands!


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