Bringing Insulation Education to More Neighborhoods

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Oct 1, 2022 1:10:00 PM

When it comes to building a business that takes care of both its customers and franchisees, Koala Insulation is bringing together reduced costs, energy conservation and home improvement. Dedicated to providing high-quality insulation services, Koala Insulation offers assistance to homeowners, contractors and business owners alike.

Scott Marr, CEO and co-founder of Koala Insulation, understands the important relevancy of insulation in today’s world as property owners arescott marr looking for cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to improve the quality of their environment. “Koala’s place in the market is very much needed, especially in retrofitting the insulation in existing homes,” said Marr.

A study conducted by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) discovered roughly 90 percent of homes in the United States were under-insulated, which means there’s no shortage of buildings that need retrofit insulation. Labeled as a recession-resistant industry, Koala Insulation displayed strong growth even through the pandemic. Its locations were easily able to adapt to social distancing needs and improve the comfort and safety of areas that were under lockdown requirements.

According to Marr, Koala Insulation sets its customer experience apart from others by focusing on “a tech-enabled, educational, sales process.” To ensure this is a successful practice, Koala Insulation HQ helps its franchisees by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources upon launching their new businesses.

Jeramie Snelling, the owner of Koala Insulation of West Florida, called Koala Insulation a “very attractive franchise opportunity” because of its organization, excellent start-up process and constant support. As an experienced franchise operator, Snelling described Koala Insulation’s onboarding process as “very simplified, yet very thorough.”

“The onboarding process was carefully thought out and very organized, allowing us to meet our start date easily,” said Snelling. “They covered every single item a new franchisee would need.” With a detailed training program, Koala Insulation of West Florida was “off to a fast start” with Snelling’s original projected growth evolving faster than anticipated.

Koala Insulation HQ also encourages camaraderie between locations, using training weeks to allow new franchisees to trade suggestions and encouragement, and stay connected. “Our national accounts program is providing real value from day one in many cases, and franchise partners can have meaningful peer-to-peer connections and support,” said Marr.

In order to deliver the professional home service providers that customers are looking for, Koala Insulation provides free evaluations that break down the current condition of the property’s insulation and air sealing. “We focus on solving the customer’s pain points using best-in-class tools and resources to accurately determine the root cause and provide a solution,” said Marr.

“Koala continues to grow due to our national referral partnerships and brand name recognition in the home service sector.” Marr explained making strategic partnerships with companies that refer people in need of insulation contributed to the rapid expansion Koala Insulation has seen in the last few years. Listed as No. 2 on Entrepreneur’s 2022 Top New Franchises List, Koala Insulation also ranks eighth on the FastestGrowing Franchises in the U.S. and Canada List and climbs to the 14th spot on the Fastest-Growing Franchises Worldwide List.

“Now is a wonderful time to be a part of Koala,” said Marr. Over 100 Koala Insulation franchise partners are currently in operation, and many of them are often working together in some way to help each other grow. Snelling explained that HQ was there to assist their operation in many ways. “The Koala representatives have been there for us, willing to answer every little question, big or small.” 

Koala Insulation is seeing a speedy expansion across the United States, guiding aspiring owners and operators to take on the opportunity they’ve been searching for. By promoting dedication to improving local communities and neighborhoods, these industry professionals help to impact the savings, comfort and energy efficiency of their regions.

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