Director of Franchise Development

Dilin Siwinski

"The salvation of man is through love and in love."


Role at FastLane

I make connections and build rapport with potential Franchisees. We collaborate throughout a learning experience to determine if my brand is a good fit for their lifestyle, business need and their why.  


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What do you love most about FRANCHISING?

It's easier to fix a leaking pipe than to build the whole system. I know the start up process for a private entity. There are so many unknowns a KPI might as well be a IDK-PI. A lot of folks have all the grit and work ethic in the world but can't get off the ground in time to make a good system. Franchising gives those winners a runway to take off and never look back. 

Tell us about your family...

Maggie my amazing girlfriend of nine years, have a tiny home in Spokane, WA with two tiny dogs Chuck (mini schnauzer) and Oliver (beagle). I am very tight with my immediate family here, I've got 4 brothers and one sister all still in the eastern WA area and us Siwinski folks love to get together and float a river!



I love to fish, and fly fish! I am also an avid doodler, plus I took up golf this year. So far I am terrible but cheers to getting better!

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