Carin Skowronsky

Senior Director of Franchise Development

At the beginning of 2018, Carin Skowronsky leaped into the franchising world with Franchise FastLane after long-term roles at two Twin Cities’ based big-box retailers where she focused on marketing strategy, business development and relationship management.  The change came shortly after a 2017 year-long world tour that spanned 20 countries and six continents where Carin freelanced her way around the globe, falling in love with growing emerging brands.

Upon being introduced to the Franchise FastLane team and SPENGA brand, Carin, without a doubt, knew the brand and role were the perfect next step in her career.

By nature, Carin is a connector and loves every minute she spends introducing prospective franchisees to the SPENGA brand. She awarded 170 territories in 2019 alone and knows that the sky is the limit for SPENGA.  Carin, a fitness enthusiast and former hip-hop dancer, loves the personalized approach that boutique studios offer and appreciates a good calorie burn in her workouts.

Fitness by day and wine educator by night, Carin is also the founder of Pairs Well With…,  a wine education business that emphasizes elevating everyday dining through food and wine pairings.  She is a Minneapolis based Level 2 certified Wine Spirit Education Trust (WSET) educator specializing in South American wines and ready to pour you a new favorite palate pleaser!