Carey Gille

“Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you're right.”


Role at FastLane

Communicate & Implement Strategy, Build & Lead the Team, Evangelize our Mission, Vision & Core Values, Recruit The Next Big Thing Brands, Empower Others


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What do you love most about FRANCHISING?

As a serial entrepreneur, a new venture adrenaline addict who also needs a clear picture of provision, VISION might be my favorite word in the entire Webster’s dictionary. VISION is defined as “a clear and compelling picture of a preferable future.” After an early career, spent exploring the two parts of that definition as if they were separate, I am sold out to franchising as the ideal combination. It takes “a preferable future” and wraps it up in “a clear and compelling picture.” Franchising gives the gift of VISION.

Tell us about your family...

I am the daughter of a Pastor so the 9-5 schedule was never something I experienced, even as a kid. I always saw my parents chasing their vision, living their passion.

I am married and a mom to three boys. I can throw a football pretty well and am accustomed to broken furniture and decor. "Mom" is my favorite title of all. My eldest son is a pilot so with that one, I fly. My middle is my mini-me. We are so alike, he finishes my sentences. My baby will forever be the spoiled rules apply! I also have four bonus-kiddo's through marriage so the holidays are full!



I enjoy running, reading, writing, sitting in the stands at my boys' sports, co-piloting with my eldest, traveling with friends or family.



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