Marsupial Migration is Headed to Seattle Washington Once Again

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Nov 27, 2022 11:27:00 AM

Koala Insulations footprint on the west coast continues to grow after recently awarding territory in Seattle. With significant tailwinds with the new Inflation Reduction Act (Billions of Dollars dedicated to Residential Insulation), rising energy costs across the country and a proven franchisor, our newest franchise partner knew Koala was a great opportunity to sell savings to customers.

Congratulations to our newest Franchise Partners. Koala Insulation adds another franchisee awarding multiple territories in Seattle, WA. Koala now has over 360+ territories in operation across the United States and still is just getting started. Koala continues to be a favorite franchise for both owner-operators and semi-absentee owners who see the value in ‘selling savings’ and the Franchisor team. Koala also recently announced multiple national partnerships to drive revenue to franchise partners.

Christy & Larry have been married nearly 30 years and have 3 almost-adult children. Next year all 3 will be in college and they will be empty nesters. They also have 4 rental properties and have been managing rentals since 1996.

Christy works as a Business Administrator for a non-profit biotech company, Global Health Labs. Previously she worked as an office manager at a start-up ballet school. Christy’s main strengths are creating order and efficient processes out of complicated or chaotic situations. Christy is very driven and likes to keep things on schedule and moving forward. Christy has lots of experience at getting groups of people to work collaboratively together, utilizing a philosophy of working toward common goals and shared vision. koala-Larry   Christy Hanson

Larry has worked as a software engineer developing and testing software for over 30 years. He has worked at large well-known companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Comcast, Nike and currently Disney Streaming where he works on the software behind Hulu and Disney+. Larry was also employee 28 at a small software startup that provided digital video management, distribution and monetization software services to large media and cable companies that was eventually acquired by Comcast.

Larry brings a quality mindset to everything he’s involved in. Larry also enjoys understanding the nitty gritty details of how things work and is the person to call when you have a tough to solve technical problem. Larry also can understand a system at the high level and how to make the big pieces of the puzzle fit together efficiently.

Koala is capping off a record-breaking year and franchisee interest has not slowed down. Koala has expanded their infrastructure significantly, adding equipment suppliers and vendors along with multiple national accounts. It’s no surprise that Koala has awarded 5 new franchises in the past few weeks and Q4 is looking to be the strongest quarter to date for franchise growth and system wide revenue.

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