Franchise FastLane's C0-Founder/CEO, Carey Gille, is Awarded Entire State of Nebraska

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Oct 1, 2022 12:27:00 PM

EverLine Coatings is North America’s fastest growing line striping and pavement maintenance service business, on pace to award 200 territories in 2022 — its first year of franchise development in the United States! Recently, co-founder/CEO Carey Gille and her husband, Chris Gille, were awarded the entire state of Nebraska. Carey and Chris are excited to start their new journey with this recession-resistant business in Nebraska. 

Q: What excites you most about this brand and about being a franchisee?

A: So many reasons to be excited about personally investing into EverLine! First is the B2B recurring nature of the business. Parking lots and other pavement surfaces are everywhere you look, and it all needs to be maintained on aregular basis. In fact, the ROI on a good maintenance program is very compelling over the cost of replacement. Second is the fact that this space is full of local mom-and-pop businesses that do not have the processes, technology and scalability to meet the needs of property owners and managers. Third, but maybe most important, is the background of both the founder, John Evans, and the EverLine Coatings brand. John understands what is important to the franchisee because he started his career as one, having invested his own money into purchasing a territory for a house painting brand. It was from this first venture that he was exposed to parking lot line striping and created what today is EverLine Coatings, which started initially as his personal business in his own local market and eventually grew into a successful national brand franchise system in Canada. John is an incredible leader committed to franchisee success! 

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Q: How would you describe the initial training?

A: One of the things that I’ve heard consistently from day 1, from candidates, consultants and our FastLane team, is how much everyone enjoys the hands-on approach of the EverLine Coatings C-Day. Not only do they get to see how all of the equipment works, but they literally get to fire up the machines and try them out in the training center in Houston. The equipment shouldn’t be this fun! From the look on Chris’ face, he was like a kid with a new favorite toy!

Q: The culture of this brand has attracted many candidates. How would you describe the culture?

A: First, again I would go back to the foundation of this founder and this brand. There are years of experience in both being a past franchisee and also having operated EverLine Coatings as a growing franchise system in Canada. There is a very consistent culture around franchisee success.  

Also, many of the people that we have met from the corporate team, along with several key vendors, have been involved in this business and have been working together for many years. They are laser-focused and are both passionate and innovatively driven to see EverLine become a dominant national brand.

Q: What franchisee support does EverLine Coatings offer that stood out to you?

A: Beyond a very compelling service offering, I think one of the things every prospective franchisee is looking for is support with lead generation. While every franchisee is going to have their own personal network within their local market, there were a couple of specific things that stood out that will benefit every franchisee in the EverLine Coatings system. First, they have already developed a successful program for digital marketing to generate leads in the local markets. Second, they are already building a team at the corporate level to start working with national account opportunities, which we believe is a very exciting opportunity for the future of the brand and all franchisees.

Q: What sets EverLine Coatings apart from its competitors?

A: The current landscape of parking lot maintenance vendors across the U.S. is primarily momand-pop operators who lack the credibility, communication and quality that most property owners and managers want. The industry is ripe for disruption and the franchise model of national brand strength with local franchise owner/operators is a perfect fit to take advantage of this opportunity.

Q: What do you want people to know about the Opportunity with EverLine Coatings?

A: EverLine Coatings offers the perfect storm of market/ industry opportunity paired with a brand and founder that get franchising and are positioned for long-term success. We often laugh that parking lot maintenance is about the furthest thing from sexy, but once you put the lens on and start to consider the EverLine Coatings opportunity, you suddenly see a world all around you of pavement and paint.  It’s everywhere!!!  

In the short-term, we believe in the low-cost, simple business model to compete with the local mom-and-pop operators, and in the long-term, we are ecstatic about the opportunity to grow into the only national premier parking lot maintenance provider that every national and regional brand and property owner will want to work with.  

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