Franchisee Spotlight: Doug Anthony, Franchise Owner of Best Choice Roofing

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Aug 17, 2023 8:00:00 AM

“For my business plan, I projected $1.1 million in revenue after the first 12 months, but we did it in just four!”


This week’s blog post features a successful Franchise FastLane franchisee, Doug Anthony. Doug owns and operates a Best Choice Roofing franchise that covers five territories in northern Utah. We had the opportunity to learn from Doug why the entrepreneurial life and Best Choice roofing franchise was the right choice for him. To gain more insight, we also sat down with Franchise FastLane’s Director of Franchise Development for Best Choice Roofing, Dillin Siwinski.

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First up is Dillin, who provides his perspective on what makes the Best Choice Roofing franchise a phenomenal choice for prospective franchisees.


Q: What Makes Best Choice Roofing Special?

“Best Choice Roofing simply has some amazing numbers to share that communicate the brand’s value proposition and the potential this franchise opportunity affords its owners. First and foremost, it’s a simple business model, but based on projections and benchmarks, it’s got one of the quickest return-on-investments on the market today. The brand’s executive leadership promotes a company culture where everyone wants to win, which is why Best Choice employees have the potential to go from minimum wage to a six-figure income, regardless of their experience level. Best Choice Roofing is also positioned well in the marketplace. There’s a wide variety of competition, but it’s highly fragmented. This allows Best Choice to use its simple, yet tenacious, program to secure business. Above all else, it comes down to the rapid and unlimited scalability – its sales and recruiting model is in a class all by itself.”


Q: How Best Choice Roofing has Evolved?

“Best Choice Roofing has not only evolved, but they’ve refined the finer points of their business model. The credit goes to founder Wayne Holloway, who began licensing the business through an affiliate program back in 2016. These initial adopters allowed him to refine processes and create a support system that works – and works well. Everything’s been tested. Once the brand began offering a franchising program, the opportunity was open to everyone. Franchisees have access to business coaches and a state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS) portal, where all the info is up to date. The one thing that hasn’t changed or evolved is the “win” mentality at Best Choice Roofing.”


Q: What Makes the Brand an Attractive Proposition for Entrepreneurs?

“Simply put, it’s the ability to scale very quickly - to ramp up and get the business going at an accelerated pace. Right off the bat, franchisees have the opportunity to generate revenue and grow quickly. A good deal of our franchisees turned a profit in the first month alone.”


Q: What’s Next for Best Choice Roofing?

“Best Choice Roofing has seen some phenomenal growth in just the last year, with almost every statistical category doubling in size. As for the future, the brand is ready to roll out their retail program – it’s an all-digital platform that targets cash buyers only. This will really widen the net and refine the program as a whole. Keep in mind, Best Choice Roofing is still a new and emerging brand who only began franchising in 2021. To date, they’ve got 41 corporate locations, 18 affiliate owner locations, and 12 Franchisees. This is a brand with incredible potential.”


Next up, we sat down with Doug Anthony, one of Best Choice Roofing’s multi-territory franchise owners who’s experiencing many successes of his own. Below, in his own words, he shares his personal story and why Best Choice Roofing ended up being his “Best Choice” for franchise ownership.


Q: Tell Us a Little About Your Background.

“I was born and raised in Las Vegas, and I’ve been an athlete all my life. I wanted to grow up and follow my dad’s footsteps by playing baseball in college. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that college wasn’t for me, so I began my entrepreneurial pursuits. At the age of 22, I was married with my first out of five children on the way. By the time I was 25, I had started my first successful business.”


Q: When Did You Decide to Pursue an Entrepreneurial Future?

“When I was younger, I always said I’d either own my own business or be a professional baseball player. Clearly, I never made it to the majors, but I did start my own construction company in Las Vegas back in 1999, growing the operation to 40 employees and contracting with some of the largest developers and general contractors in the U.S. When work slowed down during the recession in 2008, I sold the business and moved my family to Northern Utah where I continued to do the same type of work on a smaller scale. But after a while, I kind of got burned out with construction. I turned to franchising, and purchased a staffing business in 2015, which was a great introduction to the industry.”


Q: What Attracted You to the Best Choice Roofing Business Model?

“Working as a semi-absentee owner for the staffing company, I decided I wanted to be more hands-on - to take on a new business opportunity and add another income stream. My brother introduced me to Best Choice Roofing, and it looked promising. I was already familiar with roofing and working with insurance companies from my previous experience. With franchising, the proven business models make it work, and Best Choice had an amazing business model.”


Q: Tell Us Your Experiences in Getting Started

“I began investigating the Best Choice Roofing opportunity in August 2022 and signed my agreement a couple of months later. I secured five territories in northern Utah and partnered with my son-in-law, Tyler Crosbie. He’s done a tremendous job handling all the sales and marketing. For my business plan, I projected $1.1 million in revenue after the first 12 months, but we did it in just four! Even though I had prior experience, it’s not necessary with Best Choice. Anyone can have success with the training you’re provided.”


Q: How’s it Going?

“It’s going very well – really promising. We’re ready to expand our operation southward, into Salt Lake City. We’ve got two sales managers working for us and one production manager who’s monitoring the workflow. I think we’re really poised to grow in the next three months.”


Q: What are Your Plans for the Future?

“Currently, Tyler and I are looking to add three more territories. This outlook wouldn’t be possible were it not for Best Choice Roofing’s values. Their approach to people – whether internally with the brand or externally with customers – is just second to none. We’re really looking forward to what comes next.”


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