Franchise FastLane Brand Spotlight: Bloomin’ Blinds

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Oct 13, 2023 11:58:27 AM

Here at Franchise FastLane, we’re known for partnering with the best brands in franchising – brands that check all our necessity and nicety boxes and have the potential for explosive, but responsible, growth. Our partnership with Bloomin’ Blinds, one of the high-performing home improvement brands in our portfolio, is no different. Founded in 2001 by three brothers, Bloomin’ Blinds built their business model for years before franchising in 2014. Since then, they have grown to 60+ franchisees and have awarded 120+ territories throughout the country. Read more on Bloomin’ Blinds in this Franchise FastLane Brand Spotlight!


A National Window Coverings Franchise

Bloomin’ Blinds is the only company that is trained, prepared and excited about the ongoing maintenance of blinds. It is a simple, home-service, mobile-based brand with zero inventory – a perfect fit for a first-time business owner! As a family-owned and operated franchise opportunity, Bloomin’ Blinds provides an unwavering amount of support to franchisees and cares about the growth and development of each franchisee.

Key Differentiators of Bloomin’ Blinds

Every franchise opportunity should have an easy-to-comprehend value proposition and enough key differentiators to separate them from the competition. With Bloomin’ Blinds, there are two distinct revenue streams. The first revenue stream includes selling and installing window coverings inside, and outside, of the home or business. The second revenue stream includes repairing existing window coverings as an on-site repair service (even if Bloomin’ Blinds didn’t initially install them). This business model helps the brand beat the sales-only competitors while building a solid base of recurring customers.

Bloomin’ Blinds by the Numbers

When it comes to affordability and buy-in, Bloomin’ Blinds is clearly on the low end. The initial franchise fee is $49,500 with a total investment between $87,100 - $164,500. The royalty fee rate is 5.5% of gross sales each month and the term of agreement between franchisor and franchisee is seven years, with the option to renew.


Kelsey Stuart, CEO of Bloomin’ Blinds, is quite optimistic about the current direction of the brand and the bright future ahead for its franchisees. Kelsey shared, “We still take great pride in being a family-run business. Even though we’re a franchise, we always make time for calls and questions, and truly get to know our owners and their families. We’re on a good trajectory for growth and we’re always looking for passionate, entrepreneurial people to join our growing family of franchise owners.”


What do current Bloomin’ Blinds franchisees think about ownership of this brand?

We connected with Jason and Nicole Kice, owners of Bloomin’ Blinds of Wichita, Kansas and here’s what Jason had to say about his entrepreneurial journey. “I worked in Corporate America for 20 years and discovered, like many others before me, that employees are expendable – regardless of their success or accomplishments. After I walked away in 2020 and took a year off to consider my options, I decided that I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. What really attracted me to the Bloomin’ Blinds franchise was the Stuart Brothers who founded the brand. To this day, they’re all still active and grinding every day to grow the brand. And window treatments are a must for nearly every home in America – the market for these products is there. 2022 was our first full calendar year and it far exceeded our expectations in every aspect - I’m pleased with the pace and growth. Whatever happens next, it’ll be my decision – which is a reward you won’t often find working for someone else.”


For more information on joining the Bloomin’ Blinds franchise family, be sure to visit their brand page on our website.


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