A Recession-Resistant Business with Over 13 Years of Proven Success

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Oct 1, 2022 11:28:00 AM

Best Choice Roofing enters franchising as the largest roofing concept in the nation while partnering with the nation’s leading franchise sales organization, Franchise FastLane. After a handful of short weeks, the brand has already awarded its first franchised territory in the Southeast.

Before franchising, the company tested its business model for over a decade and a half in over 42 markets across 16 states. Best Choice Roofing's founder and CEO, Wayne Holloway, has put together a blueprint for success and is leveraging technology to help accelerate franchise partners' success as Best Choice moves towards national representation in a $52 billion industry. 

"Before I got into the roofing business I was just like a lot of other sales guys, bouncing around from industry to industry just looking for the right niche and the right fit for me. I stumbled into the storm restoration business and the roofing business and just fell in love with it. I realized there was a huge need for this industry and niche. I quickly figured out how to help customers and how to help people propel their growth in an industry that’s exploding. I just fell in love with it from day one. I founded the company in May of 2009, and I got the business scaled by finding the right people, surrounding myself with the right people, treating people the right way, promoting people and giving people a road map to success. That’s what we talk about. BCR is the vehicle to success, so that’s what we do. We provide the vehicle and the guys and gals put gas in it to achieve the goals they want to obtain.”

- Wayne Holloway, Founder and CEO or Best Choice Roofing 

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Best Choice Roofing’s focus is to assist communities that have sustained weather-related damages, even if the customer is not aware of it. The company provides homeowners with something they truly need by doing a thorough inspection, consulting with the homeowner, and helping them make the best decision to protect their home. That process may include explaining the damage to their insurance company, resulting in the insurance company repairing or replacing their home back to pre-storm condition for just the cost of their deductible.

Best Choice also has solutions for homeowners in need of a roof replacement that is not handled through insurance, and by leveraging relationships with national distributors, Best Choice  is able to offer a superior product at a lower cost.

The Best Technology

With proprietary hail trace technology, franchisees can see live storm maps and reports including homeowners’ names and addresses for marketing and sales purposes. Best Choice Roofing assists in marketing support for franchisees. They give guidance on budgets, templates on pre-built paid ad campaigns, help set up social media, and a local website to provide franchisees the ability to focus solely on running their businesses.

Top Markets Available:

  • Texas
  • Pennsylvania
  • Colorado
  • Oklahoma
  • Idaho
  • Kansas City
  • New Jersey
  • Arizona

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