Rising to the Top with Relentless Passion

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Oct 1, 2022 12:14:00 PM

Conserva Irrigation is a first-to-market irrigation franchise backed by the experience and resources of Outdoor Living Brands. Founded on the principles of water conservation, Conserva Irrigation delivers professional, innovative and environmentally responsible irrigation services to its clients, including both residential homeowners and commercial property owners. Conserva started franchising in July 2017 and has already grown to surpass 180 territories in less than five years and is now the largest landscape irrigation contractor in the U.S. 

Hear from Founder & President, Russ Jundt:


Conserva is now the largest landscape irrigation contractor in the U.S. What does it feel like to accomplish this in such a short period of time?  

Well, first off you must understand the culture at Conserva Irrigation.  We do not rest until we reach our goals. And once we reach our goals we do not rest until we run up the score. Being the largest landscape irrigation contractor in the U.S. is fantastic, but it doesn’t mean that we can check the box on our ultimate goal at Conserva: to create more financially independent business owners in the green industry than has ever been created by any one company in history. This is my objective for franchise development: to source and qualify the very individuals who are excited about being part of something special and being part of something bigger than themselves, all while headed toward building a legacy for their families as they achieve financial independence. How can you beat that? Financial independence through a proven business system while being able to put your head on the pillow at night knowing that you achieved this through doing what is right for the customer and doing what is right for the Earth.

As we look ahead, what are a couple exciting opportunities existing or that future franchisees can look forward to (market trends, technology, etc.)?  

Conserva is focused on building a business that is resilient in all economic environments. What is most exciting today is that there has never been a better time in history to join the Conserva brand.  What I mean by that is no matter the economic conditions, we have a winning formula for success.  In the event of an economic downturn, all sorts of contractors in our industry will curl up into a ball and quit. These practitioners left their former bosses when the getting was good, and when times are tough, they will depart – leaving Conserva to grab share and gain employees and equipment. In times of a strong economy, Conserva continues to win. Currently our company is up 52.7 percent year over year. Additionally, Conserva just launched a first of its kind online e-learning LMS training program where we can take any young man or young woman with a desire to learn a trade and work outdoors and train them as a certified irrigation technician within 3045 days. This type of training has never existed in our industry and has never existed in many of the franchise opportunities. This is a pinnacle tool that will revolutionize our business opportunity.

Franchisee Quotes:

“The most positive aspect of opening our Conserva Franchise has been understanding the story we get to be a part of. The Conserva Irrigation story is powerful. We get to be a part of the community, live out our core values and work with clients to save water. The journey has been incredible!”          - Zach Hall, Boise, Idaho

“The marketing team already had a strategy and game plan in place to help us scale. The digital marketing helped get Cape Cod recognized quickly online and we could convey the value proposition of Conserva and convert customers quickly.”                                                                                                          - Scott Sousa, Cape Cod, Mass.

“We ultimately chose Conserva because they invest in their infrastructure (marketing operations, finance, IT), which is key to managing growth. In addition to this, we were drawn to the culture that Russ has created at Conserva and felt it was a great fit for us.”                                                                - Trang Rose, Chicago, Ill.

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