Franchise FastLane CEO Goes All In With Shrunk 3D

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Jul 17, 2023 10:28:00 AM

At Franchise FastLane, we’ve developed a serious reputation for only working with brands that show incredible potential. When you’re always looking for the Next Big Thing, you must be highly selective. As the industry’s No. 1 franchise sales organization (FSO), it’s our job to sift through hundreds of concepts to find that one diamond in the rough. Thanks to the sales and development programs we implement, many experience skyrocketing growth and nine of the 25+ brands in our inventory have been acquired by private equity groups – known for their prowess in investing based on ROI.


But it’s also safe to say that the executive leadership at Franchise FastLane doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to the representation of our elite franchise brands. We also walk the walk, as evidenced most recently in Co-Founder/CEO Carey Gille for being awarded two territories in Nebraska to promote Shrunk 3D, the world’s first mobile-based 3D scanning franchise. Along with her husband Chris, Carey intends to introduce the public to a simple process that combines 3D printing and photogrammetry to deliver a 4-9” full-color statue, while you wait, all from a personalized image!



We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Franchise FastLane Co-Founder/CEO Carey Gille and discuss her latest franchise acquisition…


What Excites You About the Shrunk 3D Franchise Opportunity?

“Shrunk 3D brings a cool and innovative element to something that was already relevant to our families - capturing the special moments of our kids and our family. It’s how we have spent most of our evenings and weekends for the last 20 years. Anytime we’ve had the opportunity to purchase a picture, t-shirt, etc. to memorialize the event, we do so. But I believe Shrunk3D is absolutely the next level for capturing these amazing moments and achievements! Shrunk 3D focuses on what I would term ‘emotional spending’ by consumers. What kid wouldn't want to have a life-like figurine in their favorite sports uniform or dance outfit? And what parent wouldn't want to capture that memory?


Is Shrunk 3D Poised to be an Industry Disruptor?

“Yes, absolutely, and there are two key reasons I can share. First, the 3D figurine printing, the core offering, is an industry disruptor because it combines the power of a fast-growing franchisee network with the advantage of a centralized printing operation on the backend that provides scale and efficiency. Second, and longer-term, I believe Shrunk 3D will be well positioned in their local markets as the place to go to get your 360-degree digitals scans for utilization in applications like the Metaverse.”


Tell Us About Shrunk 3D’s Training and Support

“First and foremost, the training Shrunk 3D provides is truly hands-on. It wasn't just conceptual, but we literally got trained in Charleston, SC on the very trailer we’re bringing back to Nebraska. And the corporate team has been very accessible whenever needed. Through training and support, you’ll be able to run the entire business off a simple laptop, which they can access remotely if necessary. What it does is make the entire troubleshooting process easy and quick. Perhaps more than anything else, they’ve taken one of businesses’ greatest challenges off our hands - fulfillment.”


Why Would You Recommend the Shrunk 3D Business Opportunity to Others?

“It is a very simple business model that’s both innovative, has real "cool factor," and focuses on what I would term ‘emotional spending’ by consumers. While Shrunk 3D might be small in terms of the size of their 3D-printed statues, its’ impact is anything but. By offering franchise candidates a low-cost, high-profit concept with comprehensive support, Shrunk 3D empowers potential owners with the opportunity to bring the magic of three-dimensional memories to communities across the nation. It’s such a simple process that’s involved - simply strike a pose, get scanned, and get shrunk!”


Shrunk 3D is the second Franchise FastLane brand that Co-Founder/CEO Carey Gille and her husband have chosen to invest in as a business opportunity. Previously, they purchased an Everline Coatings and Services franchise, whose territory covers the state of Nebraska. For more information on the Shrunk 3D franchise opportunity, be sure to visit our brand page for more information on this innovative new concept.


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