Franchisor Quotes

Watch this testimonial video to hear why Will Bartholomew, Founder and CEO of D1 Training loves being part of the FastLane.

Franchise FastLane knows everybody! Our experience with them has been awesome. You only get one chance to launch your franchise to buyers. You don’t want to do it without the relationships and with the wrong process in place. Franchise FastLane’s process helps you get the right buyers and allows you the time to focus on building the business of your existing franchisees. They work hard, put in the time and put in a ton of phone calls. Our results have been great!

Will Bartholomew
Founder and CEO of D1 Training

SPENGA couldn’t be happier with our decision to have Franchise FastLane represent us. FastLane has far exceeded our expectations. The detailed systems that they have implemented has taken our franchise development to next level. The FastLane team members are all extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the brands they represent. We are extremely excited for our future growth and we are very confident that FastLane is the perfect representation for our brand.

Roger McGreal, Amy Nielsen and Heather Ruff
Co-Founders of SPENGA

Working with Franchise FastLane has been one of the best decisions we’ve made.  Their team has the relationships and the experience needed for an emerging franchise concept to cut through the clutter in franchise development and recruit on qualified franchisees.  Franchise FastLane helped us improve our FDD, they developed all of our presentations materials, provided feedback on how to create an A+ discovery day and so much more.  I can’t image how we would have been able to manage all the calls and other things necessary in order to recruit new franchisees on top of our top priority which is supporting our existing franchisees.  The 12 months before we began working with Franchise FastLane we awarded two new territories and in the first six months of working with Franchise FastLane we awarded 51 new territories.  I would highly recommend them to any emerging franchisor trying to figure out how to grow their brand.

Guy & Stephanie Coffey
Founders of Frenchies Nails

Working with Franchise FastLane helped is reach our two year goal in less with one year, we awarded 55 units in the first 9 – 12 months. They have a dedicated Director of Franchise Development that focuses on Monster Tree and help us reach our goal.

Josh Skolnick
Founder & CEO of Monster Tree

Consultant Quotes

Just wanted to tell you how highly I think of Brittany.  I’ve worked with a lot of reps in my 25 years, and she continues to impress.  She is level headed, sales oriented and works hard.  Her follow up with both sides of the transaction is excellent.  I will always show the brand she represents.


Micheal Hall


FastLane is the most efficient and solid fric-n-frack FSO’s we work with. They illustrate that you don’t need to be on the phone for hours to get it done and are a pleasure to work with. My client was looking for a brand they could relate to, and they were interested in a first market mover advantage. Having my clients in the same market as Frenchie’s owners, Stephanie and Guy, I knew all I needed to do was get them to Discovery Day and make the introduction. This relationship is going to be great for both parties.

It is a pleasure to find Jesse Hudson as an unknown to work with: straightforward, great fric-n-frac and can close.  What a combo!  I would put him in “Best in Class” of the franchise sales representatives we have to work with.

Carey is the most efficient and solid fric-n-fracker we work with, and you don’t need to be on the phone for hours to get it done.  She is a pleasure to work with. Cara was looking for a brand she could relate to, and Paul was interested in a first market mover. Having them in the same market as the founders, I knew all I needed to do was get them to Discover Day and have them get to know Stephanie and Guy. This relationship is going to be great for both parties.

David Weaver

This was my first time working with Brittany and Franchise Fast Lane. We had great candidates, but unfortunately, their preferred territory was taken while they were at Discovery Day. Brittany and Carey worked with them through system changes and territory challenges to keep their interest high and ultimately, they stayed with a 3-pack deal in the metro they desired. A win-win and tremendous effort by the Franchise Fast Lane team.

David Busker

Kris engaged with me for his franchise search assistance. He was solely interested in the beauty industry, which was no surprise since he routinely witnessed his wife and five daughters contributing capital to the beauty industry sector. Kris knew it was time to “turn the tables” and take advantage of the market demand for these types of services. It was time to convert the cash outflow into cash inflow from an industry he knew was an annuity goldmine, due to the repeat nature of these types of services, especially in the Dallas market.

As a former UPS store franchisee, Kris was no stranger to owning and operating a franchise. What he was looking for in his next venture was a franchise business that was not only in the beauty sector but also lucrative.  More specifically, he wanted a business model that would also be recession resistant, disruptive in nature, and provide an annuity revenue stream through the availability of its membership-based pricing structure.  He was not familiar with Frenchies but was immediately drawn to the many features and benefits this particular franchise opportunity provided. With a built-in female family focus group and selection committee, choosing an investment in Frenchies was an easy decision for the family.

As a consultant working with Brittany and the Franchise FastLane team, this transaction came together in its orchestration somewhat akin to the franchise development version of Dancing with the Stars. The process was seamless, effortless, coordinated and purpose-driven. This was one of the easiest and most enjoyable placement experiences I have ever had and look forward to doing many more placements with the Franchise FastLane team.

Seth Lederman
Franchise Consulting Company

I wanted to thank Frenchies, Carey, Amie and the entire Franchise FastLane group for conducting a terrific and highly professional discovery of their business with my wonderful clients.  My clients and I have been working together diligently since May of 2017 to find the right business. They are very sophisticated business people who were very impressed with Frenchies, and they had looked at several multi-unit deals in their process.  If you have clients that want the opportunity to dominate a market with a brand that has serious franchise roots – do not hesitate to show them! Once again – THANK YOU FastLane!

Juliet Denise

In a word, Franchise FastLane is awesome! Their enthusiasm combined with their knowledge and extraordinary work ethic, makes deals happen. One of my candidates had been to two Discovery Days but still felt there might be something better out there. Enter Franchise FastLane. Had they not expertly guided my candidates through the whole process, they would not be new business owners today.

Diane Pleuss

FastLane is a dedicated, integrated, candidate-focused and broker-centric franchiser operating team. They work together as one and emanate a can-do attitude that is immediately understood and appreciated by all involved. I cannot wait to introduce my next candidate to FastLane because I know without question that another win-win-win will result!

Leland Frost
Franchise Consulting Company


Zach and his team were outstanding to work with while getting Jay into Monster Tree Service. The icing on the cake was at Discovery Day when Monster gave Jay a hard hat and let him drive some equipment!

Jay walked away from a retention and severance agreement to launch the business (Windstream bought Jay’s previous employer). He is really excited to get going. Jay had a booth at the Rochester Home and Garden show last weekend and collected a lot of leads. Monster sent someone to work the booth with him since Jay hadn’t been to training yet!

John Adams

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Carey Gille and the entire Franchise FastLane team! I feel like I have worked with some of the best in franchise development over the years. No one has worked harder on a deal with me than Carey on this one. The deal had more ups and downs than we have room for in this announcement. Had it not been for Carey, this deal would not have come together. I’m truly grateful to her and the entire FFL team that came together to get this done. The idea of a new concept in one of the most fragmented industries I’ve ever seen with no national brand was very attractive to my clients. They had big expectations and everyone at Franchise FastLane and Frenchies delivered. Looking forward to more deals with the Franchise FastLane concepts!

Chris Coleman

Carey is the Queen of Fric n Frac with detailed follow up. Her attention to the small details when interacting with candidates on the phone and at Discovery Day is on point. When I send a candidate to FFL, I know they will be in good hands from beginning to end.

Erik Van Horn

Working with Brittany at Franchise FastLane was fantastic!  Brittany was on top of this deal from start to finish.  She stayed in close contact with both my clients and myself — truly a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to working with Brittany again!

Stacy Swift

This was my first experience working with the team at FastLane. They know what they are doing and know how to close deals. Carey Gille and I communicated every step of the way, and she and the D1 team IMMEDIATELY addressed every concern the client had. Both organizations are first class and will be doing a ton of deals.

Steve Belko
Franchise Consulting Company

Superior! Hands Down! This Team Rocks! Amazing one-to-many approach with this team!

Careyann Golliver

Brittany McLennan of Franchise FastLane did a marvelous job of handling two partners, each successful businessman who have “maverick” personalities. She reigned them in, corralled them, and branded them before they knew what hit them. My hat’s off to her and the Frenchies Discovery Day as well.

Rick Shampaine

Jesse was incredible to work with! Luke really valued Jesse’s down to earth approach and his ability to speak about the business from firsthand experience. The Franchise FastLane process was thorough and quick too.

Chris Cynkar

Joel could not be more excited about the opportunity with D1 Sports where he can combine his love of sports with his desire to help kids. Working with the team at FFL was exceptional!  The process is well organized and thorough, and everyone on the team is on the same page!

Chris Cynkar

I want to acknowledge Brittany and the Franchise FastLane team! This deal started in January and 4 months later it got done. Brittany was on top of this client every week. My client, PHD, was downsized from Amgen so she got the “CLEAN” aspect of Frenchies. She wanted flexibility and Frenchies business model will allow my client to do some part-time consulting work. Thanks again to Brittany and the Frenchies Team!

Vic Scimo

Carey Gille & Bobby Brennan were outstanding to work with as we discussed Derek & Tina candidacy in detail after every scheduled call followed up with email notes. The two worked seamlessly and effectively communicated with me so there were no surprises. They were very professional, knowledgeable and passionate about the D1 brand and that great attitude was noticed by Derek and Tina. The process went quickly (5 weeks from lead registration to franchise agreements executed) and very smooth as the learning curve was much shorter due to their knowledge and experience in franchising. So much so that the deal was closed while the couple was on a family vacation in Hawaii! Franchise Fast Lane was great to work with and did an excellent job on this deal and set the stage for a long successful run.

Brian Pearson
Franchise Consulting Company

D1 Training is a winning concept, still affordable investment, simple to run, strong consumer trend and backed by the leading and pioneer company in the category. Bobby and his team did a terrific job and like all the FastLane Brands have a great process in place that keeps the client engaged at every step along the way. However, it was the VERY strong validation and roster of top notch franchisees that was the icing on the cake. Thank you, Bobby, for all your efforts in making this happen, and I am looking forward to doing more deals with you and D1.

Jose Torres


“This was my first time working with Bobby and the D1 team but it will definitely not be the last!  Bobby and Carey did an excellent job walking my clients through the D1 discovery process while answering their questions along the way as well as keeping me updated after every touch!  Such a smooth process when true franchise professionals work together!  Looking forward to the next one!”.

Sean Krimmer


Franchise candidates that work with Franchise FastLane rate the education process 4.9 out of 5 stars