What makes a good partner for Franchise FastLane?

The first and most important criteria for FastLane to be successful with a franchisor is the desire to grow.

Whether you are large or small the desire to grow your brand must come first. Below you will find a list of some things that are nice to have when FastLane works with a franchisor, but they are not requirements.


  • An item 19 showing a solid return on the franchisees investment
  • Strong franchisee validation
  • A start up cost under $1,000,000
  • Multi-Territory or Multi-Unit development opportunities for franchisees
  • A model that allows a franchisee to hire a manager to run the day to day of the business
  • A home office that provide the support needed for franchisees to succeed
  • The financial resources available to join consultant networks and support an inflow of new franchisees


  • Well developed marketing materials
  • A comprehensive franchise development web-site
  • A point person that can work with Franchise FastLane on a regular basis