A look at the problem

How do franchise brands recruit great franchisees and how do potential franchisees find the right franchise brand?

The existing process

Franchise consultants help potential franchisees connect with the right brand.

Unfortunately, many emerging franchisors lack the resources to attract consultant leads – becoming disqualified from the process. 

Franchise FastLane is the solution!

With No or Minimal cost up front to Franchise FastLane, we will optimize your franchise disclosure document (FDD) and development process, while ensuring your brand is top-of-mind for consultants — delivering and converting the right franchisees for your growth.

Franchise FastLane takes you from Emerging to Thriving

Franchisors in the United States

New franchisors each year

Failing franchisors each year

An “emerging franchisor” is a franchisor who is not yet royalty sufficient. The rule of thumb is 100 units before a Zor will break-even. Of the 4,000+ Zors, only approximately 680 have over 100 units. Of those 680 Zors with 100+ units, 90% reached 100 Zees in under 10 years.

Let Franchise FastLane help you move from Emerging to Profiting!