Director of Franchise Development

Joshua Emison

"The only thing in life you control is your attitude. " -Unknown


Role at FastLane

I exist for two groups of people: the franchise I represent and the people who are interested in owning a franchise. I work to ensure the franchise is putting its best foot forward and gaining owners who will be successful. I also work for those interested in owning a franchise to help them understand what it takes to be successful with this brand so they can make the lifechanging decision if they should become an owner or not.


Years In Franchising


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What do you love most about FRANCHISING?

The people. They all have a family mentality where those they work with and those who become owners are treated like family. They will provide you the framework to succeed, help you when you need it, and encourage you the whole time. Someone once told me what you do is less important than who you do it with. You won't find better people than those who are in the franchising world.

Tell us about your family...

I have four siblings I am very close with as well as more cousins than I can count. My family is dotted all over North America which gives me a great reason to travel. 


My favorite hobbies are surfing, martial arts, and reading. Although, I thoroughly enjoy anything outside especially if it is in or around the ocean.



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