Special Projects Intern 

Hayden Lloyd

“Don't worry about the mules, just load the wagon"

Role at FastLane

As an intern, I will get the opportunity to work a little bit with everybody here. I'll be a helping hand with territory checks and leads on the sales support team, I will work with compliance, and I will get to work with any other individuals that may need me. My role is going to be changing each week, but it will give me the opportunity to learn about all the teams we have here!


Years in Franchising


Years with FastLane

What do you love most about franchising?

I love that franchising gives people the opportunity to take charge of their life. It gives people the entrepreneurship they want, with the people and resources to back them up in order to make them successful. Being a student, franchising is rarely mentioned as a potential career path, so my goal is to not only learn and work with franchises here at Franchise Fastlane, but also educate other students on the benefits of franchising!

Tell us about your family...

I am from Monument, CO where my family currently lives. I have an older brother (Griffin) and 2 little sisters (Finley and Campbell). I am a middle child and feel like that is a large reason why I am who I am today. My parents stay busy trying to keep up with the 4 of us, but have a lot of fun visiting us at college, watching us play sports, and working themselves. My family is what I miss most about living here in Nebraska, but I am so blessed to have them as my backbone even from a distance.


I love working out, running, going for walks, and doing anything competitive. My favorite part of college is intramural sports, especially flag football. I enjoy reading, cooking, and baking when I have the time for it as well. I am with people about 90% of the day, so I love getting to spend time with friends. I am constantly on the go and I normally will not say no to doing something with my friends!

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