Bobbi Conwell

Lead Qualification Specialist

Bobbi Conwell

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." - Paulo Coelho


Role at FastLane

In my role as Lead Qualification Specialist, I am the first point of contact between Franchise FastLane and the general public. It is my responsibility to make a first impression that exudes everything that Franchise FastLane is as an organization.


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What do you love most about FRANCHISING?

I love knowing that franchising gives people the chance to actually make their dreams a reality. Knowing that someone chose your company, and is willing to put their faith and trust in your company to bring their dreams to fruition is powerful. The work that we do is not only meaningful, but it is fulfilling.

Tell us about your family...

I am the mommy of one nine-year-old little girl, Gabriella Ilyse. I am the daughter of a very exuberant Jamaican-born trendsetter, Miss Ruby.



My favorite thing to do outside of singing is to take a ride along the ocean with my favorite latte, the windows and sunroof open, and a good audiobook playing. From time to time I am able to catch up with friends at a small dinner party here or there. People watching, window shopping, a stroll around downtown, and TARGET are also on the list. None of these activities are attempted without my trusty sidekick/daughter.



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