The Car Wash Industry Has Not Changed in 100 years…


Break Into and Disrupt a $12B Industry For An Investment Under $165K




The No-H2O Difference

No-H2O is quickly disrupting and transforming the car wash industry.

  • No Million Dollar Build-Out

  • No Large Team Awaiting Work

  • No Water

  • No Hoses

With our on demand technology and waterless products, that have been approved by Boeing and Airbus for use on commercial aircraft, paired with our 10 years of experience in the industry we are the 'go-to' brand for car care. Our proprietary, eco-friendly products can be used on the exterior, interior, windows, and on all levels of dirt from light traffic film to heavy road grime. 


The Future Of Carwashing, Wrapped Up In A Franchise

Convenient, On Demand, Waterless

With our unique waterless formula, a No-H2O franchisee can profit from multiple streams of revenue.

No-H2O On Demand App

Like UBER but for Car Washing. No-H2O On Demand will bring the car wash to the consumer! With our technology and app, consumers can get their car washed at home, work, or wherever they choose. 

Pop-Up Locations

With our business being mobile and no water system is needed, it is very easy to 'pop-up' shop at a local grocery store, mall, school, etc. We bring the car wash to the people instead of bringing the people to the car wash.

Static Locations

As a franchisee, you can benefit from our national partnerships and offer services immediately. Setting up shop in a day.

Water Is The Oil Of The Future

35 Gallons Of Water Are Saved Every Time A Car is Washed By No-H2O!

No-H2O franchisees have made quite an impact on our environment. Over the last 5 years, franchisees have saved the environment over 5,000,000 gallons of freshwater. Conserving water is not the only way No-H2O is protecting the environment. Due to No-H2O being a waterless solution, there are no dangerous chemicals flowing into the drainage system, unlike with traditional car washes where the environment suffers from the damaging effects of their chemicals.

Our waterless products are safe to use, eco-friendly and above all, they work. We manufacture all of our products using the best ingredients available and do not compromise on quality.

How Does No-H2O Support Franchisees?

When you’re looking into joining a franchise, it’s crucial to find one that is as invested in your success as much as they are their own. With our resources, we are confident that we can help you scale your No-H2O franchise.

Benefit from National & International Accounts
As a franchisee, you will benefit from the national and international accounts that No-H2O Corporate has established. Setting you up for profitability from day 1. 
And lots more!
Initial & Ongoing Training

Every franchise owner is taken through a hands-on, comprehensive training program led by industry professionals. It will include topics such as cleaning processes, basic business management, customer care, customer approach, business ethics and On-Demand admin and skills.

'Uber-Like' Technology

Our 'uber-like' mobile app provides consumers with a convenient and worry-free experience. As a franchisee, you can easily turn this on and start generating revenue from day 1 in business. The technology is smooth and simple as it mirrors that of DoorDash, Uber, and Lyft. 

Comprehensive Marketing Plan

No-H2O Corporate MATCHES franchisee marketing investment for the first six months—Start Strong, Stay Strong! Bi-weekly status calls will be scheduled and monthly detailed reports will be presented to show progress on all marketing activities. 

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Why Car Washing & Why Now?

As long as there are cars on the road there will be a need for car washes. With convenience and speed playing a bigger role than ever in people's lives, handwashing and waiting in line at an actual car wash is a thing of the past. 

The Car Wash Industry is Predicted to Grow to $13.5B by 2024.¹


The Car Wash Industry is Seeing
$12B in Revenue & is Growing 2-4% Year-Over-Year.


In the U.S., more than 72% of drivers use professional car wash services frequently.
Unlimited wash programs can increase the value of a business by 10 times or more.
Average Car Wash Franchise cost is $2M – $5M. No-H2O is under $165K investment.

See What Our Customers Think.

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"I am very particular about keeping my family's vehicles clean and well maintained. It's been pretty cold lately so I decided to give NoH20 a try. They detailed our black Nissan Frontier and our Jeep Wrangler and they both turned out great! 

Walmart Customer
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"Amazing service, couldn't get to the car wash today queue was too big tried these guys, they came to my house and did a full valet in my driveway great finish car is as good as new. so easy to use. would highly recommend."

Louise Burke
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"I’ve had my car cleaned by No-H20 a few times. Great service and my car was left spotless on each occasion. Would highly recommend it to anyone!"

Aaron McEneff

Are You An Ideal Franchise Owner?

It is not every day that you are presented with a business concept that has everything done-for-you and is already
seeing explosive growth that is making a difference in their customers and franchisees life's’. Get qualified and
invest in yourself and future today. It takes less than 3-minutes!


You’re Business Savvy

You don’t need to have automotive experience to be successful. With our detailed training and support combined with your grit, passion, and drive; your franchise will be up and running in less than 30 days.


You’re Customer Service Minded

You are caring and a listener. You not only listen to customers, but you hear them. Taking their feedback into careful consideration and making sure they know you care. You understand this will be the driver of your business.


You’re An Empire Builder

You are tired of working the same boring desk job and are ready to build something for yourself. You have done the hard work and are ready to set your own stage for success.


You’re Environmentally Responsible

You are excited about the opportunity to help change the world and educate consumers on the waste car washes have.


No-H2O is Seeking Qualified Candidates. Take the First Step and Join the Car Wash Revolution!

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